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The People vs. Fat Cat Book Publishers Who Profits

READERS DONATIONS ARE AGAIN INSUFFICIENT TO MEET COSTS: If you would like to sponsor news stories please contact Michael Walsh for transfer details

Amazon notoriously seized the entire collections of hundreds of books submitted by real historians. Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube and others remove all content they deem to be politically incorrect. The result is that these news platforms are now the preserve of the left.

The omnipotence of these sinister globalist corporations allows them Teflon coated impunity or does it?

When the entire anthology of author Michael Walsh was seized, Amazon impudently cherry-picked Michael Walsh book titles and continued to sell and profit from the stolen books by leaving the books with agents.

Michael Walsh penning and publishing books since the late 1980s was left without an income. This income didn’t amount to much anyway. Amazon siphon off 90% of the cover price of all books they sell.


The author’s dilemma was clear. Does he shrug off the burial of a lifetime’s writing and research? His response was typical of the rebellious Irish: His counterattack was Publish and be Damned. ‘Try competing with FREE books, Amazon: Go ahead, make my day.’

It takes time but amidst the distractions of life, he would get even by publishing all his books as FREE DOWNLOADS. In the first two weeks, more people read the free download of EUROPE ARISE than had read the Amazon expensive version over five years.

Surely enough readers would replace the meagre 10% royalties he received from Amazon by offering a gratuity. Why not? We offer gratuities to barmen and restaurant staff, even coach drivers. Why not hard-pressed writers too?

On January 16th, we published our SIXTH FREE DOWNLOAD, including THE THINKING MAN’S HITLER with its 244 illustrated pages if Amazon published the cover price + carriage would likely cost about $60 (£50 or €50).

Good-hearted souls did respond. Heiko (Netherlands), Vietnam veteran Bill in Texas, Raimo in Finland, Colin in England. Each found a bank-to-bank cash transfer easier than placing an order with Amazon and used their Smartphone or laptop to leave Michael a tip.

If FREE DOWNLOADS results in sufficient gratuities Michael’s pioneering initiative will be a fitting epitaph to the death of books with prices on their covers.

However, if too few respond with a gratuity, then writers, authors and researchers will continue to be censored or receive only a few crumbs from the banquets of the fat can book publishers. Book buyers will keep paying extortionate prices for books. Drop Michael (Walsh) a ‘Hi Michael’ a line at

You will receive his bank account details. Simply go to your bank PAYMENTS AND TRANSFERS. ‘Pay someone new’. Key in my account name, sort code, account number and if asked my BIC number. ‘Amount’ and send. It is far easier than ordering from Amazon. Any amount from £10, €10 or $10 appreciated.

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