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MICHAEL WALSH EDITORIAL: I’m not often at a loss when looking for an explanation but this really is ‘ask the audience’ time. Why are folk so reluctant to help others ~ even when they themselves are rewarded for doing so.

Income from Amazon royalties wasn’t much but with a few donations, it kept us solvent. Then Amazon gagged truth and our income by deleting our account.

Thinking fast on my feet I retaliated by providing free book downloads. Take that, Amazon! Then my EUREKA! It was a moment when I was inspired by a win-win situation.

Our free book downloads mean book readers save a stack of their hard-earned cash. Amazon + delivery is expensive but free book download is what it says on the can. But what tends to be forgotten is that years of unpaid research, writing and revising goes into every completed book.

When you read a book and don’t offer a gratuity you are in effect benefiting freely from another person’s hard work; It is known as a slave owner. You are receiving charity from the unpaid writer. All I suggest is that you don’t allow yourself to profit from another man or woman’s unpaid labour.

If just 20 appreciative book readers were to make a standing order of just £10 – £15 or similar in Euros or US dollars each month we would replace our lost income. Besides, there are others surely who could chip in a little more to supercharge the book liberation revolution.

Incredibly, only four good souls responded that first week. Otherwise, not one cent has been bank-to-bank transferred during a period in which hundreds took advantage of our free book reads. In my mind, I picture hundreds of non-Whites crashing through the supermarket’s doors and grabbing everything they can.

Yet, using your laptop or smartphone, even popping into a bank to make a cash transfer is easier and quicker than placing an order with Amazon. You go to TRANSFERS and place my US/UK/EU bank account details ( or transfer any sum or make a standing order (direct debit): it’s as easy as posting a letter.

For the life of me, I cannot understand someone who can afford to buy a book taking advantage of a distracted shopkeeper by dodging the checkout with a book in their mitt – and then expecting the store to be there the following week.

Is that any different from refusing to transfer even a tenner bank-to-bank to pay for a book that on Amazon would cost $30 – $60? A book that took years to research, write and publish. When I started Witness to History my son was an infant; he is now 38-years of age.

Sorry if my directness offends but I can’t find an answer to this perennial dilemma. We do have a Reader’s Reply option. Why not use it to make a suggestion as to how I might get blood out of a stone (heart).

PS: In the event of a small Jewish owned publisher falling on hard times the entire Jewish community would organise to help him and his family out. Is it any wonder the same community is laughing in our faces as it runs rings around the parsimonious anarchic right-wing nationalist?



RISE OF THE SUN WHEEL Mike Walsh-McLaughlin. The charismatic leader of the 1960s-1980s legendary British (National Socialist) Movement. Relive the rallies, marches, street fighting, organisation, learn from a training manual for future fighters, gaol time, international campaigns, smuggling dissident literature. Michael Walsh and his Leader Guard were the last National Socialists to address mass crowds at Trafalgar Square and East London’s Brick Lane. Discover a still fighting revolutionary veteran who built Europe’s finest revolutionary party of ethnic-socialists since WWII. 

If you like a book and wish to support the author you make a simple donation to his bank account.

Enjoy the FREE download and perhaps be kind enough to drop Michael a line and modest donation into Michael’s bank account by saying hello to the author at

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