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Car owners are switching from electricity back to petrol

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Hard-up and fed up, UK and EU motorists who to save the environment switched to expensive hybrid (petrol-electric) electric cars are turning on their cars’ petrol tanks option.

Due to the energy crisis, oil products have turned out to be more profitable than kilowatt-hours which after record increases are scheduled to rise another horrifying 60 per cent.

Against the backdrop of unprecedentedly high electricity prices in 2021, it has become more profitable for hybrid car owners to fill up with gasoline (petrol) instead of charging at electric stations, according to a Citibank review (available from Vedomosti). 

It notes that an electric car now costs 50% more than cars with an internal combustion engine (ICE). And the owners of hybrids no longer charge them at electric stations but instead go to gas stations.

‘For most of the past two years, we have been running our hybrid car in electric mode (the 9.7kWh battery lasted about 15km), but not now. I will drive to the gas station until electricity prices return to their previous levels,’ authors of the review write.

In April 2022, the World Bank plans to revise energy tariffs again. Gasoline will become three times more profitable than using electricity as fuel, according to a Citibank review.


The authors of the review emphasize that, despite Europe’s efforts to develop renewable sources (RES), most of the energy is still imported to the EU countries, primarily in the form of oil and gas. 

Tough times further down the road: internal combustion engines in Europe are considered bleak, development has been stopped or will be stopped in the foreseeable future by many leading European auto concerns. ’However, in cold regions where there are problems with the operation of electric vehicles, ICE will be used for many more years,’ he added. Go to LEAVE A REPLY and let us know what you think.


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  1. I didnt know the electrical car fad was a thing over in the UK or Europe as it is here in America. Even driving to and parking in regular shopping malls in America, I’ve only seen a few Tesla hookups for those with electric cars. Worse, it is about $20-30000 JUST for a battery replacement (that’s more than most new and used cars in America!) Another thing leftists don’t think about is any energy resource you use (water, electrical, paper, gas, etc) comes at either the cost of another resource or it’s dependent upon something you can’t control, like weather and Mother Nature.

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