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A Broadside from their own Admiral damages the SS NATO Dreadnought

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The morale of troops serving under the NATO flag is at a historically low point after a top German admiral applauds Russia’s right to defend itself against NATO aggression and speaks out in support of the conciliatory Russian President.

The West’s fake democratic, Green parties and liberal assembly are hopping mad at their humiliation offered as a gift to their adversaries.

Germany’s Navy chief, vice-admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach, has vacated his post on Saturday evening, just hours after he said that Crimea ’will never come back’, and that Putin and Russia ’probably deserve respect.’

Schoenbach asked Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht to ’relieve me from my duties with immediate effect,’ with the minister accepting his resignation, according to a statement cited by Reuters.

Speaking at an event organised by an Indian think tank in New Delhi on Friday, the vice-admiral dismissed as nonsense the notion that Russia was ’interested in having a small and tiny strip of Ukraine soil and integrating it into their country.’

Schoenbach went on to claim that what President Putin wanted was the West to respect Russia, adding that ‘it is easy to give him the respect he really demands, and probably also deserves.’ Addressing the issue of Crimea, the German Navy commander opined that the peninsula is gone and will never come back, this is a fact.

Schoenbach’s comments, which he insists were made in a private capacity (not true, he was hardly talking to a colleague in a bar), stirred up a diplomatic scandal, with Ukraine’s foreign ministry summoning the German ambassador to the country, Anka Feldhusen, on Saturday. Kiev described his remarks as ‘unacceptable.’

Germany’s defence ministry immediately distanced itself from the controversial statements, with its spokesperson characterising the vice-admiral’s comments as not reflecting in any way the position of the ministry, both ’in terms of the content and choice of words.’

In an apparent bid to defuse the situation, the now-former Navy commander took to Twitter earlier on Saturday, saying that he ‘should not have done it that way,’ and describing his remarks as a ‘clear mistake.’ Several hours later, his photo was removed from the official Navy chief’s Twitter handle and its bio changed to ‘currently vacant’.

Moscow has consistently rebutted claims made by Western media and senior officials, according to which Russia is allegedly planning to invade its neighbour any day now.


The Kremlin has called the idea fake news while making it clear that it takes issue with the fact that some Western nations are sending weapons to Ukraine.

Last month, Russia sent proposals to the US and NATO for treaties with European security guarantees, but so far negotiations were unsuccessful in finding terms for an agreement. Go to LEAVE A REPLY and let us know what you think. You can share this story on social media.


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  1. Of all the NATO players it took a German Admiral to tell the truth while the rest were flogging the party-line. I wonder how many other officers in the West feel the same way? I have a feeling, it is quite a few!

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    • Even the sappers must know that as never before they are Washington’s cannon fodder. Frankly, Europe is in such a state of repression that invading Russians would be welcomed as liberators. Putin is more popular in the west than our own leaders.


      • Absolutely right Michael. He is popular with the ordinary westerners who also realise that Russia has a right to defend its borders from war mongering NATO forces. Only an idiot can’t see this for what it is

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      • My hope is that NATO personnel will point blank refuse to follow orders to go into an incinerator to protect countries they and their families despise.


      • The people of Crimea voted in a referendum to leave the economic CIA-infused, basket case known as Ukraine, and the MSM keeps insisting Putin took it by force. I remember when social engineering and propaganda were subtle. The idiots today just lie through their teeth and censor anyone who stands up to them. It’s as if they have thrown all pretense to the wind. I believe these are the actions of frightened Oligarchs.

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