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Anti-lockdown protesters smash EU diplomatic service HQ (VIDEOS)

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Fierce clashes between anti-repression protesters and police in Brussels saw damage dealt to the European External Action Service building. Chaotic scenes unfolded on the streets of the Belgian capital, Brussels, on Sunday, as tens of thousands of protesters joined a mass march against Covid-19 health passes and other restrictions introduced by European governments in the name of combating the pandemic. Water Cannon and Tear Gas Used at COVID-19 Protests in Brussels.

Elsewhere across the world, Australia and New Zealand, Canada and the United States, throughout Europe from the Baltic to the Black Sea similar riots against repression are taking place. Corporate mainstream dubbed ‘the keyboard government plays on’ cherry picks occasional stories to create the false impression that such riots are isolated. they are not.

Videos captured by RT France journalist Charles Baudry showed white-helmeted police officers in riot gear blocking streets with barricades and deploying water cannons to disperse the crowds. All the while, black-clad masked protesters were pelting the police with various projectiles, including planks they had apparently acquired from demolishing a café’s terrace.

The protesters could be heard whooping and cheering as they threw plastic chairs at the police, who sought to disperse them with tear gas. Officers armed with shields and batons moved in tight formation to push the crowds away from a city park, RT videos showed.


In one typically violent incident, demonstrators were seen attacking the entrance to the European External Action Service headquarters. They attempted to smash the door, leaving visible marks on its reinforced glass, then used planks as improvised spears as a group of police officers remained inside and attempted to drive them away with tear gas. Go to LEAVE A REPLY and let us know what you think. You can share this story on social media.

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