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Behind a Curtain of Discreet Media Silence

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Behind a Curtain of Discreet Silence adopted by orchestrated government-sponsored corporate media, millions of citizens are protesting against government oppression with thousands of demonstrations taking place all over the Western World. Are their acts of anti-government violence?

Are police operatives being injured or killed? Would the muffled Press tell the people? The only journalist with the spine to speak out is in solitary confinement in Britain’s notorious HM Prison Belmarsh dubbed Britain’s Guantanamo Bay. Edward Snowden, an American whistle-blower fled to sanctuary in Russia.

From Perth in Australia, the world’s most isolated city, to Paris, Madrid, Naples, Seattle, London and Finland, citizens ambushed by the government resist their being corralled and controlled in a Digital Concentration Camp.

In London on January 22nd, tens of thousands besieged Whitehall, the centre of the Westminster regime. Lurking in their bunkers, the political elite had the opportunity to reach out to the people.

Such practice has been normal in much of Europe since the Greek civilisation. However, Britain, like other once-great European nations is sinking into a putrid swamp infested by globalist goblins.


The strength of feeling is illustrated by the presence of veterans of the British Armed forces lining the parade to protect the peaceful marchers from Westminster’s notorious uniformed police enforcers. Whoever thought they would see a situation in which British Army veterans would protect the people of their own country from being on the receiving end of state uninformed and sanctioned violence. The strength of feeling against the police is seen in the video where cops are caught scuttling away amidst boos, chants and curses.

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