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Famous Wars but few as unequal as The War of the Memes

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MICHAEL WALSH EDITORIAL: Most people are familiar with the War of the Roses, the One-Hundred Years War, American and Spanish Civil Wars. Will the existing People vs. Corporate Globalism conflict become known as The War of the Memes?

The people’s revolt against tyranny skulking behind the smokescreen of ‘public health’ and a virus with a 99.97% survival rate the struggle is likely viewed as the most unequal in the history of warfare and revolutions.

Put simply, the ordinary people of the world in March 2020 were ambushed by a powerful and influential cabal. The few who at first recognised the ambush for what it really was found themselves digging trenches against an orchestrated media that was clearly part of the conspiracy for total control of the world’s peoples.

In fact, there was never any attempt to disguise the globalist intention to take control of the world which the World Economic Forum cabal themselves proudly proclaimed as The Great Reset.

The World Economic Forum carried out a regime-changing coup on entire populations as murderously one-sided as the so-called Russian Revolution. The overthrow of Imperial Russia (1917-1922) was financed by corporate America and Wall Street banks. The seizure of Tsarist Russia was conducted by mainly Jewish mercenaries given a licence to kill at will and the trapping of omnipotent power to lure them in droves to the Bolshevik wrecked Imperial Russia

The overthrow of Imperial Russia ~ and nearly Germany (1918-1922) plunged the former regions into a bloodbath. What followed was the most appalling bloodletting in history from which Russia will never recover. It was a genocide that leaving aside the casualties and subsequent harvesting of slaves from Soviet Occupied Europe consumed 67.7 million mostly Christian martyrs.

What is happening now is the centuries-old final solution; the Comintern or Communist International pursuit of world domination.

With several centuries of preparation, the seizure and Great Reset seizure of March 2020 was assuredly a triumph? However, did the perpetrators, the same Comintern cult that financed, benefited and covered up the crimes of Bolshevism (Communism) fail to take into account the onset of internet technology and reach?

As Globalists slobber over the ambush of 2020, the War of the Memes threatens to derail their sinister aims. A single shared meme can be created and shared among tens of thousands of people worldwide within a few hours of the meme being created. Heads of state disparage the power of the meme. Will the people’s meme be as lethal to Goliath as was puny David’s slingshot stone?

The Battle of Thermopylae took place 2,500 years ago. The courage, conviction and fighting spirit of 300 Greek Spartans and 700 Thespians fought and stopped in its track the approaching Persian army said to be 4 million in strength.

Perhaps one day, if the unarmed forces of the War of the Memes triumph over the globalist conspirators they will be held in as high an esteem as are the Greeks who held the Pass of Thermopylae.



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