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Amazon’s share of the book market is 41 per cent. They also dominate 65 per cent of all new online book units. They have the largest share of the e-book market as well, with 67 per cent. Amazon controls 64 per cent of sales of printed books online.

Amazon appears to offer rock bottom prices or at least the perception of them. Their sales page is covered in discounts, promotions, and the inclusion of used book sales means even lower prices appear on landing pages, adding to the perception that they always offer the best deals. That could all change. The best book deal is a free deal right now and not in weeks.

In fact, Amazon is often the most expensive option when carriage is included. On average they were a mere 13 cents cheaper than the far distance rival Barnes & Noble.

Is there a solution to extortionate book prices, censorship, shipping and weeks of waiting? Yes, much of what improves our lives today is ‘free of charge.’ Just 15 years ago press baron Rupert Murdoch swore free newspaper reading would never happen. So, what happened, Red Rupert?

Scores of expensive trades, especially in the print industries have been wiped out. Shipping ports once employed tens of thousands of stevedores. Now a few cranes do a better job faster and cheaper. Twenty years ago one printer’s machine manned by one operator did the work of 37 dismissed craftsmen. It is progress.

Bought books will soon be a thing of the past. Conventional book publishers will stay in business. But books like newspapers will be plastered with advertisements. Yahoo has an option to go advertisement free – if you pay a subscription.

Michael Walsh and dissident book authors and publishers are not in that league. They will survive and some may even prosper from reader loyalty, sponsorship, donations and gratuities bank-to-bank or Zelle. Voluntary payments including standing orders will go bank-to-bank straight into the author’s bank account thus cutting out the 90% cut booksellers like Amazon.

A win-win situation for all; books will be free downloads or if printed splattered with advertisements. But cover prices? What are they? Wait for delivery? I beg your pardon.


As in Victorian times, the world will be back into uncensored affordable books. What other medium can allow you to experience a million interests, travel wherever you wish, escape, accompany revolutionaries and explorers, learn new skills, or simply lose oneself in an enchanting novel. Yes, let’s make books great again ~ free of charge.  

A LEOPARD IN LIVERPOOL by award-winning writer Michael Walsh. A city-vigilante thriller described as more gripping than Death Wish. A pundit described this gripping novel based on the author’s experiences as being better than a John le Carre novel; a story about an ex-mercenary looking for his lost daughter forced into prostitution and her father’s quest for revenge and justice.

READ FREE OF CHARGE but if too many take advantage of ‘something for nothing’ our Writers Direct Reading Revolution dies. To HELP Michael consider a simple online bank-to-bank donation to at least match a publisher’s cover price and shipping. 


A REVOLUTION IN READING Book lovers are denied books because of high cover prices, expensive postage and delays in delivery. Peoples Publishing removes the obstacles by offering free book downloads. We trust that the good-hearted enough will transfer a financial gift to support the writer if they like the book. A variation of the Go Fund Me approach, Peoples Publishing is what it says. If you like a book and wish to support the author you make a simple donation to their bank account.

Michael Walsh is the author of FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK. Enjoy the FREE download and perhaps be kind enough to drop Michael a line. Why not transfer a modest donation into Michael’s bank account by saying hello to Michael at

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