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The young lecture the older generation on Environment issues

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Madam, you have to carry your own shopping bags because these plastic bags are not eco-friendly! The old lady apologized and responded: In my time there was no such ‘green wave’.

This is our problem today, madam. Your generation didn’t care enough about the environment.

You’re right, the lady replied. Our generation didn’t care enough for the environment. Glass bottles of milk, soda and beer were used and returned to the store. The shop would return them back to the factory, where they were washed and sterilised before using them again and again. 

We really didn’t care about the environment back in the day. We even washed the baby nappies because there were no disposable ones. We dried them ourselves, not in electric dryers. Those diapers were really drying from the wind and sun.

We really didn’t care about the state of the environment back in our day. Back in our day we only had one TV and one radio in the house, not one TV per room. And the TV had a 14-inch screen, not the size of a stadium, which when it broke, would be thrown out of nowhere.

In the kitchen, we had to do everything by hand because there were no Chinese made and imported electrical appliances to do everything for us. When we mailed something fragile to pack, we used old newspapers to wrap the contents, not nylon bubbles and Styrofoam balls that take 500 years to decompose.

We didn’t have much in the way of fast food but we had good food that was prepared fast. We even grew our own food, fed the waste to the animals so everything was recycled naturally and organically.

We had no idea what polystyrene cups were or for that matter plastic cutlery, even plates imported again from the Far East. If you had mentioned nylon clothing rather than cotton or linen, we would know what you were talking about.

Back in my day, we didn’t use petrol lawnmowers to mow the lawn, they were mechanical and we used our muscles to move them. The workouts were amazing and we didn’t have to go to the gym to get fit.

You’re right, we didn’t worry about the environment in our days. We used to drink water straight from the tap, not from the plastic bottles and cups that now fill the oceans.


There wasn’t really a ‘green wave’ in our days, back then we all got on the tram or bus, boys used bikes or walked to school instead of using their parents as a 24-hour taxi service.

So isn’t it amazing that the current generation talks so much about the environment, but is unwilling to give anything up and think of living with little as I did back in my day!


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