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With Washington-fuelled tensions growing on the border between Russia and Ukraine, Croatian President Zoran Milanovic has announced that Zagreb will pull its troops out of NATO contingents stationed in the region should the situation spiral into a conflict. Bulgaria also says, ‘don’t include us. We’ll not be sending troops to Ukraine.’

Germany has denied the use of German airspace to RAF aircraft ferrying military supplies to Ukraine. Germany and France, the two most powerful nations in the EU / NATO alliance have made it clear they have no intention of engaging in a conflict with Russia in the interests of protecting Ukraine. Bulgaria too has said NO to NATO in Ukraine.

For obvious reasons, there will be no opinion polls conducted as to the preparedness of the peoples of Europe to show support or enthusiasm for such an American provoked conflict. Why should Europe suffer once again for the interests of Washington and its political cult who invest heavily in the military complex?

Speaking on Tuesday in a televised address, the leader said he sees reports that NATO, not a separate state, not the US, is increasing its presence and sending reconnaissance ships. He insisted that Zagreb’s authorities have nothing to do with it and ‘we won’t have anything to do with it, I guarantee you that.’

Not only will we not send the military, but if there is an escalation, we will recall every last Croatian military man,’ Milanovic said. ‘This has nothing to do with Ukraine or Russia, it has to do with the dynamics of American domestic politics, US President Joe Biden and his administration, which I supported. However, the Croatian president pointed out that he sees dangerous behaviour in matters of international security.

Milanovic’s comments come amid high tensions between Moscow and Kiev, with a number of Western leaders sounding the alarm in recent weeks over an unfounded purported build-up of Russian forces along the border with Ukraine.

Today, such is the ability of surveillance a tank anywhere in the world cannot start its engines without the action being picked up by drones and satellite. So, where is the evidence of a Russian build-up? One can be certain that if as few as half a dozen Russian tanks relocated to the frontiers of Ukraine it could be and certainly would be photographed on media.

On Monday, the US-led military bloc announced that its members will order more fleets and fighter planes into the waters of Eastern Europe. In Spain, for the first time in history, the nation’s nine political parties unanimously agreed that no Spanish forces would be deployed to the Black Sea.

Spain and France instead are focusing on Mediterranean Europe, with Madrid reportedly contemplating dispatching ships to join NATO naval forces and is considering sending fighter jets to Bulgaria.’ 

Amid accusations in the West of an impending invasion of Ukraine, which the Kremlin has repeatedly denied, Moscow is seeking a written response on its security proposals from American officials following a string of diplomatic meetings this month. The Americans say forthrightly that the matter of NATO expansion is not a matter of discussion with the Russians.


In December, Russia handed over two draft treaties, one addressed to Washington and the other to NATO. As well as blocking Kiev from NATO membership, Moscow is insisting that the bloc should refrain from military activity on the territory of the former Warsaw Pact states that joined after 1997, following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

However, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has refused to compromise on issues the organization deems crucial to its core values to meet Russia’s demands. He also criticized Moscow’s requests, saying that Moscow has no veto on Ukraine’s efforts to join the bloc and that it will not accept a two-tier membership system that prevents it from deploying troops in certain states. Source

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  1. Another brothers’ war is bad enough. Especially worse when we (in America and Western Europe) won’t even use our own military to defend our own borders. The Jews want whites to continue slaughtering each other and killing more (strong) able-bodied white people and continue bringing in nonwhites to replace us and kill us off.

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