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BOOK REVIEW: Penned by Amazon-banned award-winning novelist Michael Walsh THE PHANTOM OF OPHELIA holds the distinction of being a tale of fiction based on real life. In fact, the experiences and settings in which these supernatural incidents took place are still in evidence. Sunnyside Manor in Liverpool is still a residence.  Widdecombe Manor situated in the bleak moors of Dartmoor in quixotic England is today a guest house.

Chilling, drawing on his real-life and location experiences this romantic-supernatural biography promises to ravish the reader. A page-turning terrifying read and ride as the author reveal his real-life life-changing apparitional experiences. These terrifying incidents were recounted in Europe’s largest English-language free newspaper group, Euro Weekly News and other media.

When novelist Damien Fairweather rents the annexe of an early Victorian manse, a haven to allow his creativity to blossom, he’s unaware of the presence of the earth-bound spirit of Ophelia Napier.

From roommate to bedmate his paranormal nymphet roomie dwells in the secret crypt beneath his study’s floorboards. Ophelia has a fiendish motive in winning his commitment to her. Will the seductive spirit of an 18th Century Liverpool shipping baron’s daughter bring the author to his doom?

This page-turning fictional-bio reveals how an inspired telephone call made when he was at his wit’s end brought him into contact with a local historian who gave the novelist a live-or-die choice. Which would he choose?

The unwitting ghosthunter is brought to earth by Penelope Fulbright-Illingsworth. The hauntingly beautiful ex-model former debutante invites the dishy novelist to a sanctuary at her husband’s remote manor on Dartmoor.

The story embraces the reader in a heart-stopping reincarnation of love and lust. The author cannot be held responsible for fainting, breathlessness, hysteria or sleepless nights.

THE PHANTOM OF OPHELIA Michael Walsh Award-Winning Author. Chilling, drawing on his real-life and location experiences this romantic-supernatural biography will ravish the reader. A page-turning terrifying white-knuckle ride as he reveals his real-life apparitional experiences. 

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