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Natural Beauty is superior to Fake Beauty says Julia Roberts

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World-famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts published a sensational message. In it, she does not ask, she pleads all women to take an active position, and stop paying attention only to the outer beauty, to the detriment of herself and her nature. Here’s what she says:

Excellence is a disease that many nations suffer from. We apply a ton of makeup on our faces. We regularly put something in our faces and starve ourselves for the sake of perfect shapes. We always want to fix what is not necessary. And what we should take care of first remains without our attention.

Do you know what this is? It’s about our soul. She is the one who needs more thorough care and care. And it’s time to get it done. I’d like to understand one simple thing: how can you expect someone to love you all the time, if you can’t love yourself? Redoing your appearance, how can you say that you are satisfied with yourself? The answer is simple: no. You have to understand that it doesn’t matter how you look on the outside if there’s nothing inside you.

Today I declare: I will no longer wear makeup; I will not wear someone else’s face. It’s time to take off the masks. I’m aware that I have wrinkles, but I want to see them. After all, this is the real me. And I want you to accept me for who I am.

Today everyone has gone crazy and got involved in the appearance. You can’t imagine what income cosmetic and cosmetic companies are making after they’ve made you realise that you urgently need to invest in finances to withdraw what is truly inevitable. Do you really think you should run to unhealthy, painful procedures that are supposed to make you feel better, younger?

The principles of the beauty of the 21st century can be clearly defined as abnormal. This is the beauty on steroids that, like a virus, spreads worldwide. This is a horror! When will you realise that these artificially created rules rule the world and hold us captive by illusions about our external data? We cannot simply enjoy our nature. We must follow those beauty canons imposed on us by modern society.


But guess what? I’m tired of this. And I choose to tell myself to stop. And ask everyone around to stop and remember who we really are and what we really want in this life. No one will ever be able to 100% meet the beauty criteria. The outer shell is the last thing we should be interested in other people. Only our soul matters – remember that forever.’ © Julia Roberts.


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