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What Really Terrifies the Globalists and threatens to upset the Great Reset

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MICHAEL WALSH EDITORIAL: Few can be self-deceptive enough to think that emerging totalitarianism has anything to do with a flu-like virus with an average survival rate 0f 99.7% (science).

There is a spin-off to the drama taking place that only the far-sighted can see. The massive orchestrated conspiracy to create an Orwellian world has proved to be a fire alarm that awoke the complacent masses.

Thanks to the less easily controlled internet massive rejection of the Great Reset conspirators has taken the culprits by surprise. Now there are other surprises set to ambush the globalists. People have awoken to the danger the plotters represent not only to themselves but their children.

Naked repression has slapped away the trust people once had in government, the Press, big pharma and healthcare, and to some extent the state operatives (I refuse to call them police officers). Aware that these once-trusted institutions can be bought and used against them the people now question previously held beliefs.

If their ruling class can’t be trusted, can they be trusted to explain history as it was and not as they say it was? Once ridiculed revisionists will now be taken more seriously just as conspiracy theorists are now proving that on every issue they were right and their critics embarrassingly wrong.

People will start questioning once firmly beliefs, question what they have been taught. If the ruling caste ~ a criminal cult lied and exaggerated about Covid to enrich themselves, how can we trust the self-serving ruling class on global warming, press freedom, foreign policy, depopulation, social engineering, genetics, history, the holocaust; what else have they lied to us about?


An awakened and angry people are scaring the living daylights out of the globalist cult. They now have a tiger by the tail. They dare not let it go to suffer the tiger’s fury. No one trusts them anymore; Santa Claus is not real and the wolf at the door is after a meal, not a bed. People will now question everything and everyone. The people’s faith has been trashed and there will be a reckoning.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov remarked years ago that revisionists deserve to be heard. However, they added that the consequences could be a great reset but not of their making. Theirs was a clear understanding of a seismic shift from the comfortable but imperfect status quo if the complacent masses were to awaken. 


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