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Trudeau faces a Nicolae Ceausescu fate as outraged Canadians engulf their capital

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Canadian capital declares state of emergency over Freedom Convoy: Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister goes to ground as thousands of trucks and truckers plus tens of thousands of supporters converged on the nation’s capital with hate in their hearts. Western media is silent as they realise that a tipping point in the Covid scamdemic has been reached.

The world watches with bated breath as tensions are heating up in Canada as a trucker convoy protesting against government repression closes in on the great city. Canadian Parliamentarians are impossible to find. Parliamentarians across the Western world are silently watching wondering when it will be their turn. Additionally, thousands of truckers across the country have blocked roads, with some media outlets reporting that Canadians are already facing delivery delays.

Hundreds of trucks are expected to arrive in Ottawa from British Columbia on Saturday, 29 January, and start a protest against the introduction of vaccination passports outside the nation’s parliament. A city under siege, bridges into the city have been barricaded by uniformed state operatives.

Whilst it is known that the number of truckers taking part has already exceeded 100,000. The mainstream is playing down the numbers and citing 50,000 which was reached days ago. Waiting to greet the greatest truckers protest in history are 500,000 Canadian citizens preparing to welcome the relief columns of trucker convoys as liberators from the hell of the Trudeau regime.

The rally has received support from some conservative politicians and many Canadians who oppose mandatory vaccination. A fundraising campaign on GoFundMe has even been organised to help the truckers, but the $5 million collected has been blocked over many of the donations coming in anonymously.

‘It’s not really clear to me how many of those supporters donating online are actually even Canadian (does it matter?). A lot of the donations have been made anonymously and there’s very clearly some activity from foreign countries’, Jessica Davis, a former intelligence analyst for the Canadian government and head of Insight Threat Intelligence, claimed.

One of the main groups in the endeavour is Canada Unity, which has prepared a ‘memorandum of understanding that is planned to be presented to politicians on Parliament Hill. The document’s main demand is the abolishment of the vaccine mandate.

Beleaguered Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Wednesday that the truckers and their supporters ‘do not represent the views of Canadians’, calling them a ‘fringe minority of people.’

Since 15 January, the Canadian authorities have introduced vaccination passport requirements for truckers who cross the border with the United States, who introduced the same rules on 22 January. The rule was said to have left 32,000 individuals, or 20 per cent of the 160,000 Canadian and American cross-border truck drivers without work.


NOTE: Nicolae Ceausescu was a Soviet dictator who in December 1989 tried in vain to placate striking miners. The unpaid tormented workers at great risk to their lives (several were killed by police gunfire) stormed the Presidential palace. Ceausescu and his family fled, were captured, ‘tied’ and placed against a wall gunned down.

The Truckers Are Coming: World Record Caravan Heads to Mandate-Imposing Tyrants


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  1. I’m praying with all my heart and soul, while thanking God Almighty for these men an women to storm parliament or to drive those rigs right through the free MANSION he’s been living in for all these years!!! I pray Castreau is FORCED OUT!!!!! NOWWW!!

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  2. I wish we’d have this in America, but there would be such division and everyone screaming “Fed!” at one another involved. The so-called ‘conservatives’ in America would scoff at it and say “Wait for election and for Trump to get back in and he’ll solve everything!” At least other nations when they have revolutions actually get things done. God bless Canada!

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