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Wake up to the War on Whites

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MICHAEL WALSH EDITORIAL: The war on whites, the great reset of cultures and population replacement is no longer hidden, it is blatant. The question is, how much longer will Whites allow their faces to be slapped by race-traitors collaborating with their anti-White foes?  Perhaps the parents of children born in Britain and Europe are prepared to present their youngsters’ faces to be slapped repeatedly too? depressingly, unless there is a great awakening to the danger of extinction it appears to be that way.

Each day, children are fed into the meat-grinder left-wing seized schools by their parents. Schools where anti-white indoctrination is force-fed into growing minds. Children are taught that their heroes were villains and their ethnicity bears a heavy responsibility for the failures of rival races.

British and German, French and the children of the Low Countries, Scandinavia return home. Televisions are switched on and every advertisement portrays a mixed-race couple. This is neither normal nor coincidental. It is indoctrination as blatant as anything practises in prison camps.

European and British parliaments make it illegal for ethnic-Europeans to discriminate in favour of their own kind whilst by the same pen non-Whites are offered favourable positions. Whites are discriminated against in the hunt for jobs.

Entertainment has been appropriated by non-Whites; Whilst classical music is an exclusively European musical genre one needs only to switch on Classic FM to experience cultural stealing. It seems that there isn’t a single White musician capable of playing classical piano, no white string or wind instrumentalists, and precious few European conductors.

A British ex-serviceman married for ten years to a Ukrainian Christian schoolteacher of impeccable background is exiled to Europe as his wife’s visa is denied. A British woman married to her French husband for thirty years is denied residency of the land of her birth.

Meantime, throughout the Middle East and Africa government envoys of Britain and Europe fan out. These race traitors are in hot competition for migrants. On offer are visa-free opportunities luring migrants with promises of jobs, homes, free healthcare and education in Britain and the European Union.


Washington DC and the European Union cause international conflicts. Each NATO fuelled crisis results in the floodgates of Europe being opened to millions of non-Europeans. Meantime, ethnic European refugees like Christian educated Ukrainians have the doors of Britain and Europe slammed shut in their despairing faces.

If you accept or deny population degradation and replacement you are too half-witted to be allowed to reproduce yourself. Or, you are no different from the White hating cults that grip Europe by the napes of their necks and are rubbing their faces and the faces of their children in the blood and soil of ancient Europe. When you go out of this mortality which you assuredly will then what will you tell the Judge who questions you as to why you betrayed the ethnic gift He gave to you? MICHAEL WALSH is thought to be Europe’s most prolific author of multi-topic books. He writes for international periodicals.


When Amazon deleted EUROPE ARISE a book praising White history, culture and achievements including advice Amazon denied the author his income and the readers right to choose.

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