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Could Europe’s Largest Country defect to Russia

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While Ukraine has long held ambitions to join the EU, officials in Brussels are treating spurned Kiev with contempt, Croatian President Zoran Milanovic has claimed, as tensions heat up across the shared border with Russia. Speaking on the RTL TV channel on Sunday, Zagreb’s leader shared his opinions on the former Soviet republic’s relations with the 27-member bloc.

Ironically, this comes at a time when the UK and Switzerland have escaped the ravages of the EU, others contemplate doing so, whilst a group conspire to change the pro-Washington Brussels clique to something that is actually useful to Europeans, not the United States.

According to Milanovic, Kiev has been in a frightening position in relation to the EU, which treats Ukraine negligently. They have received nothing from the EU, and they have been promised billions and billions.’

He went on, going as far as to say that ’Ukraine is being bullied by the same bureaucrats from Brussels who have bullied other states (Belarus etc).’ The carrot on a stick never gets closer to the donkey: He accused officials from the bloc of selling the Eastern European nation murky promises and implying Ukraine some kind of associated status.’

Ukraine, Europe’s largest country, admits the EU, is in a very bad situation eight-years after its legitimate elected government was overthrown by Washington-Brussels regime change op’. Ukraine was the most highly developed nation in the Soviet Union but the poorest in the European Union. Now the Ukrainian GDP per capita is at the level of Kosovo,’ the Croatian president added.

His remarks come amid a tense standoff across the frontier between Russia and Ukraine, with Western leaders falsely accusing Moscow in recent months of a military build-up along the border ahead of an invasion. Last week, Milanovic announced that Zagreb (Croatia) would pull its troops out of NATO contingents stationed in the region should the situation spiral into a full-scale conflict, stating that his country’s authorities ‘have nothing to do with it and we won’t have anything to do with it.’

The Croatian leader said the escalation of tensions ‘has nothing to do with Ukraine or Russia.’ Instead, he said, ’it has to do with the dynamics of American domestic politics, US President Joe Biden and his administration, which I supported.’

Kiev is preparing to formally apply for EU membership in 2024, in the hope of being granted membership within a decade. In October, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said its longstanding ambition to join the EU was being held up due to concerns expressed by member states.


‘When you see them face to face, they say they are in your favour, but there are questions from some other countries,’ he claimed. You can share this story on social media. EDITOR’S NOTE: Belarus tried and failed to act as a middleman between Russia and the EU: Brussels treated Belarus with contempt. This drove a potential ally into the arms of the Russian Federation.


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  1. As an American, I can confidently say that there has not been ONE foreign war that we were engaged in or supported that was for a good cause. We lied to get into the Spanish American War in 1898, William Randolph Hearst and his Yellow Journalism; which started us off as an empire in the early 1900s. Then we destroyed Germany in both world wars; Germans were the only ones standing up to the “Chosen Ones” and communism. Then we got into Vietnam, and killed 50000 American soldiers. Then the countless stupid Middle Eastern Wars and supporting Israel all these years. Then there was bombing of Serbia in the 90s. Now we are going to destroy Russia and Ukraine, again, two European nations that are strong, traditional, very white, prowhite, normal, healthy, etc. The ONLY hope I see in the West now are the Canadian truckers and maybe the large anti-vaccine protests I’m seeing across the Western world.

    PS: There’s rumors that American truckers are going to drive their trucks down to our southern border and stop the invasion there. That would be something I could my money to supporting!

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