Africa’s Whites find sanctuary, security and prosperity elsewhere including Russia

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Russia is swiftly becoming a political and spiritual refuge for conservative, Christian communities. As the liberal West becomes increasingly aggressive against conservatives, Russia, with its wide expanses of land and reinvigorated Christianity becomes more attractive to those who want to live traditional lifestyles. 

Russia is to Westerners what north America was in past centuries; a land of freedom and opportunities with challenges. In the case of Russia getting to grips with the language.

Russia is considering taking in up to 15,000 white South African farmers as their own nation abandoned by the liberal West begins to plunge into dangerous and violent tribalism. Background information: One of the latest moves by the South African parliament was a vote in favour of a motion that will begin the process of amending the nation’s constitution to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without any compensation to the farmers and landowners.

And this measure was passed through the influence of the black Marxist leader Julius Malayma. The radical anti-White lawmaker is a radical leftist populist who’s also a racial nationalist, and he’s been calling for the expropriation of white-owned farmland to be ‘returned’ as he puts it to black Africans.

He advocates violence against white farmers. His racial rhetoric is pretty scary; if you go on YouTube, you will hear some pretty horrible words coming from his microphone; he was reported to have said that he was not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least not for now. This is scary stuff.

Needless to say, violence is in fact being directed more and more towards white farmers. White farmers are four times as likely to become victims of violence than your average South African citizen. There were over 400 farm attacks during last year alone, that’s more than one a day, which is four times the number recorded just a decade ago. And the 2018 figures are expected to easily top last year’s numbers.

Interestingly, Australia was the first to wake up to the danger and the self-serving opportunity of not just bringing awareness to this horrific racial injustice but also providing asylum for the farmers and their families.

It was the first nation to come to the aid of these farmers by opening up to them, expediting their immigration requirements, and many of these farmers have indeed accepted the invitation; what is so revealing about all of this is that the population of white South African ex-pats and immigrants is so high in Australia that it is led one Member of Parliament to compare the plight of white South Africans to that of the Syrians in their civil war; it is really that serious.

Now Russia is coming to the aid of these farmers. It’s been reported that Russia is considering the offer of farmland in the south of Russia for upwards of 15,000 South African farmers. The farmland, as it is understood, is in Stavropol, just above the Republic of Georgia. A number of South African farmers have already settled there over the years due to this crisis.

Of course, both Russia and South Africa share a lot in common: they both have European roots, they are both Christian, agrarian and agricultural, and so, even though certainly the language difference can be a significant hurdle for the settlers, Russia does offer nevertheless a very accommodating culture.

But these similarities underscore a more fundamental development going on here, and that is the ways in which we see nationalist, populist, and traditionalist sentiments creating new transnational solidarities and alliances. We see this in Europe with the rise of the Visegrád Four, we are seeing a comparable partnership developing with the nationalist governments in Austria and Italy. We see a very successful summit between Viktor Orbán of Hungary and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The plight of white farmers in South Africa has not been left to the racial concerns of the nationalist right or the alt-right for that matter; they are certainly of course concerned.

Secular globalists don’t give a toss about the plight of white farmers in South Africa. Remember, for them, for globalists, South Africa represents a massive transfer of wealth from Europe’s colonisers to America’s Wall Street banking houses working with international corporations that own no allegiance except that of the dollar. Globalists and liberals refuse to recognize that this globalist triumph in South Africa is, to put it rather bluntly, completely and totally collapsing; it’s utterly falling apart.

As it turns out nation, culture, tradition, language, land, and yes, race matter; they really do matter to populations, and the whole attempt at trying to do social order apart from them in this globalist experiment is falling apart; it is collapsing into good old-fashioned tribalism quite literally all over the world, and most especially in South Africa right now.


But they are finding that nationalists and populists and their political allies are certainly willing to help them; they do understand the nature of culture, custom, tradition, land and ethnicity and the role they play in a national population; they see South Africa degenerating into primitive returns; they see it, and so Russia and Australia are most certainly reaching out and offering to provide sanctuary to these farmers as part of a world that is being reconfigured around nationalist and populist alliances and sentiments. Source

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  1. This is one of many reasons why the Jews want to topple Russia, as well as getting other Eastern/Central European nations to collapse. These are the last parts of Europe that are still overwhelmingly white, proud to be white, proud of their ancestors, and stand up to the anti-whites. I’m glad Eastern Europe is willing to take in fleeing whites from South Africa. If the West were still proud and healthy of their white populations of Western Europe and North America, we’d sent armies in there to topple that anti-white empire.

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