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Covid Cult panics as the people’s revolt appears unstoppable

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Racing to the rescue of the on the ropes Canadian premier Justin Trudeau, Facebook has booted the rapidly growing ‘Convoy to DC 2022’ group from its platform after it quickly gained 137,000 members. The group had been gaining tens of thousands of members per day and was calling on all truckers in the US to form a convoy to protest COVID-19 mandates. Organisers were planning to begin the convoy in California and end in Washington DC.

According to congressional candidate Tyler Lee, who was helping organisers of Convoy to DC 2022 and was planning to join the convoy, Facebook claimed that the group was banned for ‘repeatedly violating our policies around QAnon.’ However, Lee described Facebook’s actions as a stunt and added that this is exactly why Americans are fed up.


The QAnon policies that Facebook cited when banning Convoy to DC 2022 were blasted when they were first introduced with lawyers, journalists, and authors warning that they were arbitrary and giving Facebook an unchecked license to censor.

‘Facebook just shut down our page,’ Brian Brase, one of the organisers of Convoy to DC 2022 tweeted. ‘Apparently, we don’t fit their agenda. People United is scary, I guess. The convoy is still on.’

Facebook’s decision to boot the Convoy to DC 2022 group follows another convoy that’s protesting vaccine mandates, the Freedom Convoy in Canada, going viral on social media after mainstream media outlets downplayed the convoy and suggested that Russia was behind it.


This isn’t the first time Facebook has banned a rapidly growing grassroots protest movement that’s being shunned or disparaged by the mainstream media. Anti-critical race theory groupsanti-lockdown groupsgroups supporting exceptions to COVID vaccine mandates, and more have also been booted from the platform as they gain traction and attract lots of new members. In addition to banning specific groups, Facebook has introduced new censorship rules that make it harder for group members to see each other’s content.

Also, under pressure, GoFundMe halts campaign for Canada trucker protest

The fundraising platform said the Freedom Convoy 2022 campaign is now under review. Crowdfunding site GoFundMe has placed a pause on a campaign to support truckers protesting cross-border vaccine mandates in Canada and the US, stopping the initiative for ‘review’ after it amassed nearly $8 million.

‘This fundraiser is currently paused and under review to ensure it complies with our terms of service and applicable laws and regulations,’ the site said in a notice appended to the fundraiser on Wednesday evening, adding that its team is ’working 24/7 and doing all we can to protect both organizers and donors.’


Created to cover expenses incurred by truck drivers protesting Covid mandates in the Canadian capital and along the border with the US, the fundraiser has garnered $7,964,141 (Can$10,096,400) as of Wednesday night.

The Freedom Convoy kicked off last week in protest of a vaccination mandate for truckers travelling between the United States and Canada, seeing scores of vehicles blockade a border crossing near Coutts, Alberta and create a backup stretching into Montana.

Local officials have denounced the protest as a ’significant inconvenience’ which ’must end immediately,’ while police have declared the gathering unlawful and vowed to crackdown. However, attempts to do so have met little success so far, with protesters simply moving the blockade elsewhere to evade law enforcement.

GAB Social Media reports: Facebook has spent all week banning groups related to the peaceful Canadian Trucker Convoy as well as any groups working to organize the American Convoy. It’s interesting that Facebook would ban these groups and yet did nothing to ban the Black Lives Matter groups that organized to burn down our cities a few years ago. In light of these bans, the truckers have set up groups on Gab to communicate with the world during their protest. 
You can click here to find the American Freedom Convoy group on Gab.
You can follow the offical Trucker Convoy account here. 
Finally, you can join the Canadian Trucker Convoy group here which has coverage from people on the ground. 

People are quickly learning that Gab is the only place they can find information about this peaceful protest and real time updates from those who are attending it. 

NOTE: GoFundMe is fast losing subscribers to which is a Christian-based organisation free from the control of the Covid Cults. Source 1, Source 2

Farmers join Freedom Convoy and breach police barricade!

Fabulous Trucker Video

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  1. You know you made a bad move when you anger Canadians and get them to revolt, because they don’t have a history of revolt or civil wars in their nation. Also, I think the cops/military know it would be VERY stupid to use violence or aggression against truckers or farmers. Those are the people that feed the country and make the country run!

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  2. No time for copper’s, most are freemasons or thugs on a powertrip. I witnessed much of this corruption and violence during the miner’s strike in County Durham when soldiers from the Catterick garrison were dressed as police officers who enjoyed beating the crap out of White working-class men during this time, now they just bend their knees to invaders.

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