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Coerced to take the jab the Airline Pilots Sue Biden Administration

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Catastrophic consequences of airline pilots being bribed, coerced and threatened into taking toxic mind-bending fake vaccines. Those accessing a released video are in shock as pilots and their organisations lift the lid on the reason why it is no longer safe to be a passenger on airlines.

Have the pilots been injected? How would you know? Would they tell you? Will your loved deceased loved ones be mollified by a posthumous concession that their deaths were avoidable but necessary to keep the lies going and the money coming in?

Do we really want truck drivers and municipal buses careering through towns, villages and cities driven by drivers handicapped with the death-dealing strike at any time jab? Trucks around the world are the size of shipping line coastal craft. British sailors call coasters ‘rock dodgers’; will they be still dodging rocks when they are steered by a jabbed helmsman?


CLICK HEADLINE FOR SHOCK REPORT: Airline Pilot Deaths are disclosed in Peer magazine. Staggering Death numbers beyond belief! VIDEO


When Amazon deleted EUROPE ARISE a book praising White history, culture and achievements including advice Amazon denied the author his income and the readers right to choose.

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