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Contrary to victors’ propaganda the National Socialist German Workers Party in January 1933 was democratically elected to govern Germany.

‘Within the month, the Party’s leader Adolf Hitler publicly vowed to the German people that within four years he would give the German electorate the opportunity to decide if they wished the NSDAP to continue to govern Germany or wished instead to return to the electoral system of the Weimar Republic.

True to his word, the promised plebiscite or referendum (true peoples democracy) in 1936 resulted in an overwhelming majority of electors unequivocally stating their wish for the continuity of the National Socialist system of government.

Ironically, when on May 8, 1945, the German armed forces (not the elected government) capitulated to the combined armed forces of the British, Soviet and American Empires referendums (peoples will) was outlawed and replaced by the rotating democracy principle all Westerners suffer under today.

In fact, on May 8, 1945, the day the German armed forces capitulated (some troops fought valiantly on) none of the leaders of the victor nations was elected by the people they claimed to speak on behalf of: Soviet dictator responsible for the martyrdom of tens of millions of European Christians and Churchill cohort was the Soviet leader.

American citizen British premier Winston Churchill in 1940 had been parachuted into 10 Downing Street by a parliamentary coup. US President Harry Truman of the United States was installed on the death of President Roosevelt and was yet to be elected in a hotly contested election as bent as Biden’s ‘election’.


For almost eight years, from 1933 to September 1939 but until June 1940, allowing for the phoney war, the German nation was at peace. Why has this period of German history been totally removed from all accounts of Hitler’s Germany?

Is it because during these nearly eight years or 13.5 years (1933-1945) the re-born revitalised Reich of the National Socialists was transformed into the world’s happiest and most prosperous nation? In fact, the quality of life for all in Hitler’s Reich has never been remotely enjoyed even by the prosperous middle classes of North America and Europe.

Such was the superiority of lifestyle in Hitler’s Germany that all disclosure of life in the Reich from 1933 to 1940 has been intensely removed from history books, movie and television dramas and documentaries, books, media comments and suchlike.

There can be only one reason for this strange anomaly; neither the Communist nor the Capitalist systems wish comparisons to be made with their system of governance with that of the National Socialist system of truly democratic and accountable authority.

If the people since World War II were allowed to see evidence in pictures and words this pencilled out period of history then it is likely the electorate would demand the same freedom offered to them as was given to the German people in 1933 by Adolf Hitler (1889-1945).

The outcome of genuinely democratic elections similar to Germany’s 1933 and 1936 plebiscite would presumably be the election and return of the National Socialist system of government, economics and the sovereignty of the peoples in a migrant-free Europe in which bankers’ usury and political corruption are eradicated.

It goes without saying that those corrupt and alien to Europe and its peoples’ interests’ entities who mismanage, bleed dry and oppress the peoples of Europe would be removed from all positions of influence. For this reason, Life in the Reich (1933-1945) must remain a taboo topic. 

Despite being a best-seller Amazon without reason removed Life in the Reich after it was published. If you really are serious about freedom of information perhaps you will without procrastination consider a modest bank-to-bank transfer to the author researcher’s EU, US or UK bank account. If you are serious.

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LIFE IN THE REICH Mike Walsh. From 1933 the German working class enjoyed a lifestyle superior to that of the rich in the West. Hitler’s Germany led the world in fashion, medicine, cinema, lifestyle, innovation, manufacturing, transport infrastructure, public facilities, cutting edge science, healthcare and education. Amazon deleted LIFE IN THE REICH because it demolished the victor’s narrative. 

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