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What happens in Europe when the American Civil War Mk II breaks out

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FACT: The European Union without Washington DC funded NATO does not have the means to defend itself even collectively. The European Central Bank is a branch of the Wall Street banking dynasties. Europe’s media has been described by CIA Director William Colby (deceased, likely assassinated) as under the complete control of Washington. 

The EU is an American occupied colony and its national leaders are Washington approved. Question: What happens to a colony like the European Union when the Washington DC-based colonisers are removed one way or another? You brace! A good starting point. 

The founder of the world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio, has warned on Thursday that the US is on a classic path toward some form of a civil war. The current financial conditions and irreconcilable differences in desires and values are consistent with the ingredients leading to civil strife, according to him.

Not knowing what is true because of distortions in the media and propaganda increases as people become more polarized, emotional, and politically motivated,’ Dalio wrote on LinkedIn. He pointed to a number of factors that led him to this notion, including large deficits, high taxes, inflation, and wealth disparity that bring about political polarization.

When that happens at the same time as there are foreign powers that are becoming strong enough to challenge the leading world power that is encountering this civil war dynamic, it is an especially risky period. That is the period I believe we are now in,’ Dalio stressed, adding that ‘the biggest question is how much the system will bend before it breaks.’

He noted that political powers from opposing sides are fighting to win at all costs, making it impossible to compromise and leaving many too afraid to speak up or run for public office. 

History shows that the biggest risk to democracies is that they produce such fragmented and antagonistic decision-making that they are ineffective and disorderly, which leads to bad results and revolutions.

Dalio predicts that this year’s elections will become the turning point for US internal politics. ‘In the 2022 elections we will see losses by moderates and gains by extremists/populists because each side wants fighters not compromisers.

The Supreme Court will make decisions on contentious issues that people are willing to fight over. There is a big risk that each side will view the decisions as unfairly made by the other side and not accept them, which will lead to tests of power,’ he predicts.

‘The USA has become a state as a result of liberal ideas and various other factors, through financial monopolies too.  But they will never be a nation: they will always be the scene of internal disturbances, ideological, religious, ethnic and religious rivalries.  The USA will be overtaken by events.’ ~ Adolf Hitler Interview. Chicago Tribune, February 15 1931.

This is not the first time Dalio voiced such dire forecasts. In November last year, he published a book ‘Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order: Why Nations Succeed and Fail’, where he also warned of a ‘dangerously high risk’ of a civil war in the US within the next 10 years due to the ‘exceptional amount of polarization.


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