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Now a Peoples War Against Big Pharma Price-Fixing Tyranny

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Billionaire Mark Cuban has launched a war against Big Pharma. Recently, he started an online pharmacy where over 100 lifesaving medications are offered at low costs. He charges a standard 15% markup in an industry that typically sees no less than 100% markup. In just one example, a lifesaving leukaemia drug with a typical retail price of $9,657 is offered by him for a total of $47. Insurance is not accepted due to the fact that it would force him to work with manufacturers requiring certain price points.

Price fixing, cartels and cosy stitch up arrangements between Big Pharma and politicians and health authorities in different countries have led to an exodus of the sick as afflicted people check out the prices and treatment of the same medicines in different countries. Typically, an eye ointment in Latvia, one of the EU’s poorest countries costs €8.30. The same tube is sold in Spain for €4.10.

A small manufacturer of specialist bags and pouches charge middlemen typically £3 per unit which the National Health Service (NHS) ends up paying £35 per unit. Where does the missing £32 go? into the bank accounts of lobbyists.

No middlemen. No price games. Huge drug savings. Source

“Everyone should have safe, affordable medicines with transparent prices.”

– Mark Cuban


When Amazon deleted EUROPE ARISE a book praising White history, culture and achievements including advice Amazon denied the author his income and the readers right to choose.

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