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Mutiny in the Penal Colony as criminals seize Australian government

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Many a true word said in jest: The joke told of the visitor who when alighting his aircraft as Sydney Airport was approached by an immigration officer. The visiting businessman was asked if he had a criminal record. ‘I didn’t know having a criminal record was still a requirement of entry,’ the visitor grinned.

The orator delivering the speech to fellow Australian citizens is a fast-footed patriot who knows his onions: Graham Hood is an ex-Qantas pilot who refused the covid jab and was fired. Ironically, the safest pilots are the resistors as ‘vaccinated’ pilots are falling like flies ~ and taking their passengers and fellow crew members with them.

Our Australian correspondent says, ‘Graham Hood is a natural leader and has made some very interesting videos on BitChute about the disastrous handling of the pandemic. He is also a very clever bloke.

What they are talking about here is the fact that the new parliament built in 1981 does not display the legitimate commonwealth seal because it does not represent the Commonwealth of Australia or the legitimate people of the nation. The legitimate Commonwealth of 1901 origin was ended in 1973 without the Australian people’s consent by an election or referendum. The removal of the constitution was illegal and in essence, it was a regime seizure or a coup by international corporations and banking houses.’


The present parliament is a corporate body contrary to the original constitution 1901 and as such, it is unquestionably illegal. Therefore, the current government has no authority at all over this nation or its people. It naturally follows that neither do the premiers of the states. They can’t legitimately pass any laws. The sooner the rest of the sheep in Australia start to realize this fraud the better for them.

As you would guess, it has taken two years of downright tyranny before enough Aussies realised what they thought was a national government was in fact a corporation in disguise. That’s the important point.

This is why the premiers of this sorry nation got away with violating peoples common law rights during the scamdemic. They were allowed to do it because we have traitors in a federal parliament who know the whole thing is a sham and there is no properly constituted government in Australia period. Turkey do not vote for Christmas. Therefore, everything that has been done to us has been illegal.


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  1. This is not going to end well at all. We have two contrary forces against each other. One is anti God and anti human. The global elites and their lackeys like Daniel Andrews who are terrorizing the people with lockdowns ,police thuggery, mask wearing, business closures, and forced covid jabs.

    The other is people around the world who realize the pandemic is a scam . They know this is a war to destroy freedom and enslave and kill off humanity. Many people are determined to resist to the bitter end. They will not be forced into receiving the death vaxx.

    There can only be one winner . There is no going back now so the people must escalate the resistance further until every one of these bastards is toppled.

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