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Choosing to Freeze is your problem, not ours – Putin

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Gazprom is fulfilling its contracts. The energy company is under no obligation to increase supplies of natural gas to the EU, despite some politicians in Brussels accusing Moscow of using its exports as a weapon, Russia’s permanent representative to the bloc stated on Wednesday.

Speaking to news agency RIA Novosti, Vladimir Chizhov explained that, since gas prices are rising, Gazprom’s EU buyers are hedging their bets. They are not getting gas because they are simply not ordering our gas which is far cheaper than the gas they are profiting from.

‘Of course, Gazprom is not obliged. There is no contract. Besides, it is already providing extra supplies of ‘blue fuel’ to Europe, which is, apparently, still not as much as some would have preferred,’ the Russian diplomat said in an interview.

‘If the winter was more severe and the stores of energy were depleting quicker, then, of course, the European companies could still buy more gas.

‘There are increasing signs that the Kremlin is continuing to use gas supplies as a means of exerting political pressure,’ EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen claimed, adding that she regards Gazprom’s supply policy as strange.

What? The EU and Germany in particular refuse to order gas from Russia. They bring gas in from the United States which is less efficient and costs much more. Do the Russians really want to be paid for the gas they supply?  What on earth next?

Earlier this week, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell conceded that Gazprom is continuing to follow through on its contractual obligations for gas supplies to Europe.

Despite numerous accusations, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated on multiple occasions that the Kremlin does not use energy exports as a political weapon. Speaking at the Russian Energy Week International Forum last year, Putin said that Moscow has always complied with its contractual obligations, ’even during the most complicated Cold War periods.’

‘Russia has done far more to build resilience to Western sanctions than the European Union has to improve its ability to survive disruptions in the gas supply chain,’ the EU high representative for foreign affairs said on Sunday.

According to the Eurocrat Josep Borrell, over 40% of EU gas imports come from Russia, while the EU provides over 60% of Russia’s import revenues.

In the last three months, Moscow has been threatened by Western nations with the possibility of hard-hitting sanctions. The trade blockade is allegedly on account of Russia’s intention to invade and occupy Ukraine; a charge so ludicrous that Ukraine’s leadership mock such fears.

However, despite serious rhetoric, the media has suggested that the EU is not unanimously in agreement over potential measures. Last month, America’s Bloomberg news agency reported on a German demand that proposed measures do not include restrictions on energy, insisting that the sector be exempted. This follows threats by Washington to impose serious restrictions on Russian banks and their ability to trade in US dollars, which could jeopardize international energy transactions. You can share this story on social media.


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