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The US army will be annihilated – Scott Ritter US Intelligence

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Former American intelligence Ritter: in the event of a war with Russia, the US army – presumably NATO forces – will be annihilated. Participation in the war against Russia for the sake of Ukraine will be a suicide for the American army, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter said in an article for RT.

He recalled the words of Bob Work, US Deputy Secretary of Defense under Barack Obama. ‘As a man who once trained to fight the Soviet Army, I can attest that the war with Russia will not be like anything the American armed forces have ever experienced,’ he continued.

The investigator explained that the US army is not organised, the military is poorly trained and not prepared for a hypothetical war with Russia. The war with Russia with the use of ordinary weapons will lead to an unprecedented defeat of the US army, the officer warned. ‘In short, this will be a defeat,’ he emphasized.

The military responded to a 2017 American army investigation, the main conclusion of which was that the 20-year military campaign against Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq led to the fact that the US armed forces are woefully unable to defeat an equal opponent.

In addition to poor organisation and inadequate equipment, the US army is excessively dependent on satellite communication, which, when colliding with Russian radio-electronic combat equipment, would lead to the destruction of American armed forces.

‘Even if the US armed forces can stand up to a Russian opponent (which they can’t), they simply lack the numbers to survive any prolonged battle or campaign,’ Ritter continued.

He explained that a tugging military campaign in the Middle East trained American military to warm conditions when helicopters fly out to help the wounded and a hospital will be deployed near the battlefield. In the case of a large-scale conflict, all of this will not happen, the researcher emphasized.


In addition to that, the collapse awaits the US Air Force, used to easily accessible air domination in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is impossible in conflict with Russia, given its forces of the Air Force and fighter jets. Thus, US ground troops will be without air support, Ritter warned. ‘In any war with Russia, American troops will be destroyed in large numbers,’ he wrote.


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  1. I’d like to see that.

    The best thing that could happen to Europe now is:

    1/ the utter defeat of the transgender pussies of nato/usa
    2/ the invasion of Western Europe by Russian and Belarus armies
    3/ THE PURGE of marxists, globalists, lgbt, freemasons, the davos scum and all their lackeys, etc..
    4/ Then a renaissance

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