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BOMBSHELL. Repression Must Fall Because Of Something That Happened in Canada.

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Patrick King through the courts subpoenaed government officials to prove that covid exists. They could NOT do it; given every opportunity, the authorities simply could not prove to a court that Covid as a virus actually exists.

The plaintiffs entered it into official court documents that they could not produce covid. What this means, is that regimes and diverse other authorities have no proof that covid exists, and they admitted it on public record.  What this means is that the tests, lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and so forth, have no legal or plausible basis for existing anywhere.

They have no basis in reality. It means the baddies have to surrender to reality ~ and real science. You cannot make Santa Claus or Jack and the Beanstalk a basis for imposing restrictions on citizens.  

It means the world will learn about the plans to exterminate 90% of us via their sinister mystery needles. It means is this is the greatest crime against humanity, are being exposed and stopped. It means they destroyed our lives, based on a lie. 

It means they conspired against humanity. It means they were pushing us onto their cyborg needles. It means they were turning us into non-human robots via their mystery needle ingredients hooked up to their 5G totalitarian control grid system.

Remember, their PCR test admittedly cannot tell the difference between their covid and the virus known as influenza or flu. There may be a covid, but maybe not. However, the authorities stand exposed of turning minor viruses and age-old viruses like the flu into covid. To then abuse the new moniker by issuing edicts that illegally runs counter to human rights and national constitutions.



Everything they say about covid is a lie, from the masks, needles, tests, rules and they did all of it, not even having proven the ailment actually exists as a new and life-threatening virus as claimed. 

They took away the rights of the world based on a lie. Is that not a crime of some sort? It is a premeditated crime of immense planning spanning across countries, beyond borders, beyond organizations and local communities.  The roots of this dark plan take us to the pits of the underground, that existed because humanity refused to see the truth. And thus, they were able to literally build an entire extensive underground network, that sought to control us above, from below.  CLICK THE HEADLINE TO SEE THE VIDEO

Video Beginning Of End Of Covid!! Covid Rules All Over The World Must Fall Because Of Something That Happened In Canada!


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