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Can Canadian Premier-in-Hiding Survive the Perfect Storm

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Mainstream is aghast, Facebook and Twitter block memes, comments and deny BITCHUTE to keep the Truckers Freedom Convoys out of the public area. How fond our rulers are of telling we the people, ‘Nothing to hide. Nothing to fear.’

Then tell us, regimes, mainstream media and the Silicon Valley censorship cult. If YOU have nothing to hide then surely YOU have nothing to fear.’

Let My People go. This recently published video could be the last nail in the Canadian despicable coffin. We know what happened to the despots who once ruled with an iron fist the Soviet Bloc from Poland on the Baltic Sea to Romania on the Black Sea. Yes, unlike Britain’s hapless Foreign Minister Liz Truss, we the people know the 1,200km difference in distance.

Get this BITCHUTE into the living rooms, the hearts and minds of people yearning for freedom from oppression. Make the Global Reset the Peoples Reset. When the Canadian regime falls the collapse will cause a domino effect. Canada’s truckers are fighting for your freedom too.

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