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Remembrance April 30 1945

The Third Reich was caught up in conflict for five years. Since the military defeat of the twice-elected (1933 and 1936) German Reich the victors tirelessly spun the propaganda their way for nearly 80 years. The victors spin on events is exclusively focused on those five years of conflict. Yet Hitler’s Reich lasted 13.5 years. What has happened to the missing 7.4 years (88 months) of peace in Germany? These years appear to have been burnt on the bonfires of Germany’s occupiers.

During those years of prosperous harmony, the Reich created an economy, infrastructure, prosperity and lifestyle no Western country then or now could hope to match. Why are we considered too immature to take a look for ourselves? Why is this period taboo? Could it be because they don’t want us to compare our parents’ and grandparents lives with those of their contemporaries in Hitler’s Germany?

Unlike the United States, Soviet Union and England, Hitler’s Germany added no territory by conquest until the onset of England’s War aka World War Two. During this period England and the Soviet Union added to their colonies as did the United States. England, who claims Hitler’s Germany wanted to take over the world has placed British military boots on the soil of over 200 of the earth’s 222 nations.

Only after being provoked beyond endurance by nearly seven years of English and U.S trade sanctions, Soviet and Polish threats and provocations did Hitler’s Germany respond by thwarting over 22 violations of its territory by Poland and Poland’s illegal occupation of large swathes of German territory.

Reich and Wrong in one volume gives an insight into the rarely glimpsed 1930s world of Hitler’s Reich. Using images and content airbrushed out of the victors’ spin readers can compare exuberant life in 1930s National Socialist Germany with the wretched existence of those who endured life in 1930s United States, England and USSR.

Mike Walsh has produced a ground-breaking book that opens up a world unknown to all but a few. Reich and Wrong reveals and compares the impoverished world of the self-styled democracies and protégé Soviet Union before World War II with the fantastically futuristic Workers Reich.


REICH AND WRONG Mike Walsh. Hitler’s Reich lasted 13.5 years through peace and war creating an economy, prosperity and lifestyle no Western country could match. Compare 1930s Hitler’s prosperous Reich with the shocking 1930s poverty of the US, USSR and UK. READ FREE saves you from paying the book’s cover price. Michael will send you his bank-to-bank details if you wish to voluntarily transfer or ZELLE a donation to cover his costs. Contact Mike at

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