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State Agents intercept Human Rights Convoys converging on the French and Brussels

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The authorities have illegally stopped 500 vehicles outside the French capital ahead of an anti-mandate protest. French state police say they intercepted around 500 vehicles so far, they claim are ‘trying to enter Paris as part of an anti-mandate Freedom Convoy’ protest on Saturday.

Thousands of civil rights protesters who took their cue from the Canadian truckers were stopped at three military/police checkpoints outside the French capital. The authorities issued almost 300 tickets to the participants.

Ahead of the planned protest, state police deployed thousands of officers, water cannons, and, for the first time since the Yellow Vest protests in late 2018, armoured personnel carriers. An order was issued prohibiting the protests in Paris over fears that the demonstration could result in public order disturbances. Despite all similar demonstrations being peaceful, the courts sided with the authorities, rejecting two appeals against the ban.

Paris Police Chief Didier Lallement said the authorities had dozens of tow trucks at their disposal that would help put an end to any blockage. Speaking to France 2 TV on Friday, Prime Minister Jean Castex warned that the French junta would be very firm should the civil rights protesters block traffic or if they try to block the capital.

The human rights campaigners insist they did not intend to obstruct the roads and were merely planning to join Saturday’s anti-mandate protest. One activist told France 24 that the order illegally infringes on their right to demonstrate.

Modelling their movement after the Canadian truckers who have been protesting against vaccine mandates in downtown Ottawa for nearly two weeks, hundreds of people from Lille, Strasbourg, Chateaubourg, and other cities set off for Paris, with hundreds of cars, motorhomes, and vans joining the convoy. A total of 10,000 vehicles from all over Western Europe are believed to be taking part.

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The protesters are calling on the Paris regime to ditch the disreputable and questionable vaccine passes, which people are required to present if they want to access public spaces. Rising energy prices and corporate profiteering are another hot topic with the demonstrators.

Ironically, President Macron has just returned from Russia and Ukraine on a visit in which he lectured these two peaceful nations on the obligations to respect international law. You can share this story on social media.

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