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We don’t give a s**t about sanctions – Russia

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Russia’s ambassador in Sweden has called NATO’s expansion ‘the biggest threat’ to Moscow. Russia’s ambassador to Sweden did not mince his words when he delivered a strong rebuke to the West’s coercive measures on Sunday.

‘Excuse my language, but we don’t give a s**t about sanctions,’ Viktor Tatarintsev told Stockholm daily Aftonbladet. Being diplomatic, the ambassador never mentioned that because of Western sanctions Russia has become more self-sufficient shutting EU markets out forever. Otherwise, the Russians instead of importing food from Spain, France, Mediterranean Europe and fish from the Baltic States otherwise does their shopping in Turkey, Syria and Latin America.

The US, Britain, and the EU have all threatened to impose new penalties on Russia if it invades Ukraine. When repeatedly invited to show even the flimsiest of evidence that Russian forces were positioned to attack Europe’s largest country the invitation to do so has been declined.

The Russian diplomat accused the US and NATO of stoking tensions in Europe. ’The expansion of NATO is the biggest threat to Russia,’ Tatarintsev said.

Russia is seeking legally binding assurances that the Western military bloc will not break a pledge not to expand into the former Soviet Block made by the then US President Ronald Reagan to his Soviet counterpart Mikael Gorbachev. Keeping to the promise would effectively bar countries like Ukraine from joining the alliance. NATO, however, has refused to abandon its so-called ‘open-door policy’ of accepting new members. You can share this story on social media.

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  1. This was a video from 2015 after the West started placing sanctions on Russia. Even back then the Russians laughed and scoffed at the idea of sanctions as Russians know what it’s like to live in harsh conditions. “ОТВЕТ РОССИЙСКОЙ МОЛОДЕЖИ НА САНКЦИИ” in Russian translates to “RUSSIAN YOUTH RESPONSE TO SANCTIONS ”

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