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History is Poised to Repeat Itself with even more horrendous results

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REWIND: 1939: Assured of French and English support Poland is goaded into repeatedly provoking war with Hitler’s Germany, which is seen as a trade rival to Britain and France. Outcome: 50 million dead and hundreds of European (not American) cities incinerated.

FAST FORWARD 2022: Assured of American and NATO support Ukraine is goaded into repeatedly provoking war with Russia seen as a trade rival to the US and European Union. Outcome: 50 million dead and hundreds of cities incinerated.

The US and Britain are currently engaging in illegal war propaganda, prohibited by the UN’s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Sunday. Writing on her Telegram channel, Zakharova accused the West of breaking the treaty, signed in New York in 1966, which mandates sanctions against countries inciting war and hatred.

‘What we are seeing now is war propaganda in its purest form,’ Zakharova said, accusing London and Washington of provoking violence by supplying arms to Ukraine, while also sending over instructors and holding military exercises.

‘The US and the UK have pulled out a tool from their stash that they have been keeping. And now they are waving it around like a club, supporting controlled hysteria through CNN, Bloomberg, and British tabloids, thereby influencing public opinion in their countries,’ she continued.

According to Zakharova, the covenant was signed during the height of the Cold War as a means of averting any chance of serious conflict. In her opinion, both the USSR and Russia have since ’abandoned’ the practice of war propaganda, but the UK and US haven’t.


In recent months the US has accused Russia of placing more than 100,000 soldiers near its border with Ukraine, with some believing this is a sign of an impending military incursion. This claim has been repeatedly denied by the Kremlin, and has been repeatedly played down by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

This weekend, the US and dozens of other nations announced they were to begin evacuating its diplomats from Kiev. The Ukrainian authorities have condemned these moves and continued to urge citizens not to panic. You can share this story on social media.


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  1. If another major war breaks out in Europe ,there will be far greater death toll than the Second World War. It could mean the end of western civilization.

    However ,this time round Americas cities are totally within range of Russian missiles ,so the United States will suffer the same devastation as Europe .

    Vladmir Putin has warned countless times that NATO is continually advancing on Russia, and threatening them by placing missiles near their borders. ,but these warnings are always ignored by western governments and media.

    NATO is a ship of fools led by America towards certain destruction. It is totally insane for European governments to provoke Russia in the way they have They will bring about their extinction.

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