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Irish Cloughmills’ Crochet Village + Free Download Book

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The village of Cloughmills in County Antrim, in Northern Ireland, has a small model replica of their village displayed in their village hall. But unlike many miniature models, theirs is made of wool.

The model was created over a period of seven months and completed in 2017 by a group of about thirty old ladies—all members of the Cloughmills Crochet Club.

“People did more and more and by the time they all got added on, ours ended up very big,” she said. Eventually, the model village became too big to fit out of the doors of the hall, and so it stayed there and will continue to as long as there are visitors to come and see it.

Aitcheson and her group used a number of techniques to create the different textures. “Crochet is different from knitting,” she explained. “You only use one needle for crochet and two for knitting. It’s different stitches called garter, stocking and rib. The trees were just wool wound round them.” Source


FORTY SHADES OF VERSE Michael Walsh. A treasure trove of illustrated Irish stories and original verse that draws on the pastures, forests, glens, rivers and lakes of Ireland for inspiration. A master of the poet’s pen, it is said that the map of Ireland is on Michael’s face and his unique poetry is eloquently articulated in a language that has brought him international respect.

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