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Use it or Lose It says Trend-setter of Free Book Uncensored Reading

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With 16 FREE READ book titles now uploaded readership response has been encouraging. Described as a Revolution in Reading, the venture could be the first small step in dismantling Amazon’s omnipotence in the book-selling field.

‘There are great savings to be made,’ says Michael Walsh whose library was locked out of the market by the e-booksellers. ‘Even a low-cost book from Amazon could cost $25 after the carriage was added. Other titles cost up to $60. Little wonder that Amazon guru could take on NASA.’

The author of over 70 book titles concedes that he may face considerable hardships due to the loss of $500 monthly royalties. Authors receive only 10 per cent of the cover price of their books. When you buy from Amazon the e-retailer takes 90 per cent of what you pay for your book.

‘Even so, this was enough to keep body and soul together but the future looks bleak if I do not somehow compensate for the lost income.’

Income from Amazon was less than a British penion. Michael Walsh is counting on Free Uncensored Book Reading supporters to chip in and make up the loss of $500 (£450-€450) each month. The writer’s earlier optimism later evaporated as the toxic brew of inertia and opportunity to take advantage of a distracted till attendant took hold.

Still hopeful, the former leader of the British Movement who was gaoled on several occasions for his defence of Equal Rights for Whites says he thinks that the concept of Free Books will gradually take hold.

‘If only those who feel even a faint obligation to offer a donation to do then everyone misses the point.’ He added: ‘Refusing to chip in to keep the Free Library open is like telling a local council you will not contribute towards an art gallery, museum or library because you do not use such facilities. When you transfer even a modest donation to offer uncensored free books to the community you are a soldier of free information.’

Will the initiative take off? Michael Walsh smiles. ‘Every great advance in history began with someone saying, ‘it won’t work.’ I am sure Amazon guru Jeff Bezos was told this when he was selling products from a computer from his home’s converted garage.’

With a wry smile, he says, ‘this morning as I sat in the spring sunshine I enjoyed the melodies played by a street clarinettist. He was certainly of professional standard. Passers-by enjoyed his music but in 20-minutes not one but a cent in his tip box. Then later, I saw an old gentleman leaning on his Zimmer frame. He had paused to drop some coins in the musician’s hat. I knew exactly how the clarinettist felt. Been there, got the t-shirt.

Michael Walsh is the author of THE DOVETAILS. Enjoy the FREE download and perhaps be kind enough to drop Michael a line at to ask for his bank details. You can also buy and read the ebook The Dovetails

If you would like to help to make the Free Read Uncensored Library operate then the difficulty in doing so is the flimsiest excuse imaginable. Making a discreet and easy bank-to-bank transfer from EU, UK, US, Canadian and Australian bank accounts to the author’s bank account is effortless.

Michael Walsh invites all supporters of Free Read Uncensored Books to chip in by contacting him at or

Michael Walsh’s books are also available in ebook format:

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Mike Walsh, author of Witness of History, All Lies Invasion I (Paperback / Ebook), All Lies Invasion II (Paperback / Ebook), Reich and Wrong, Heroes Hang When Traitors Triumph, Heroes of the Reich, Megacaust, Odyssey Adolf Hitler, Trotsky’s White Negroes, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Arno Breker and Reich Sculptors Volume I, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Josef Thorak and Reich Sculptors Volume II, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Porcelain and Reich Sculptors Volume III, Art of Adolf Hitler, The Red Brigands, Ransacking the Reich, The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler, RISE OF THE SUN WHEEL (Paperback / Ebook), Death of a City, and many other books. CLICK the book titles that interest you to gain access.


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