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What is pseudo-terrorism? It is like terrorism, except, instead of being a terrorist; you just pretend to be a terrorist. That makes it much easier to kill the people you consider to be terrorists. You dress up like them. You adopt their call signs. You lure them into ambushes. You wipe them out.

It is a method for catching rats that involve not only thinking like a rat, but dressing up in good quality rat pelts, devoting your time to rat activities like cheese-eating, living in sewers, and getting all pally with your new rat buddies, all before tip-toeing back a safe distance and calling in massive airstrikes on them.

Dennis Croukamp spent most of the 1970s crawling around in the Rhodesian bush taking part in the most effective example of pseudo-terrorism the world has ever seen. President Robert Mugabe is revered by corporate-owned media and leftists. Back then he was a senior commander in ZANLA: the Zimbabwe Africa National Liberation Army.

By 1970, UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s winds of change were blowing through Africa, or rather, the winds of assassination, bombing and ambush. Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith dug in, the guerrillas upped their game, and Rhodesia spiralled into insurrection. Rhodesian-born Dennis Croukamp was 18 years of age in 1964. He was hoping for a quiet life in suburbia.

This photograph is of the fourth Selous Scouts basic Static Line Course and shows RSM Mavengere in the centre of the first row behind the seated PTS staff. The seated PJI’s from L to R are Sgt Paul Hogan, Flt/Lt Frank Hales, Sgt Kevin Milligan, and Sgt Pete Marshal. RSM Mavengere was injured on his first course but qualified on this course after completing the necessary eight parachute descents. A large number of these soldiers were recoursed having failed the previous courses. either through injury or the dribble factor on exit. Source

‘I did National Service in ’64. During our training, a lot of our instructors were already talking about our pending war. The Terrorists, ZANLA and Co were already being trained in Malawi, Tanzania, and so on. We were all hoping the war would hurry up so we wouldn’t miss it.’

For a man who spent sixteen years living in the African bush eating squirrels, sleeping rough, blowing up train lines and killing interesting people he met along the way, Croukamp seems to have readjusted to civilian life quite well.

This photograph shows the remnants of the first Selous Scouts Static Line Parachute Course. This course started with twenty men but due to the Dribble factor on exit technique, only ten men qualified for parachute wings. After an improvement in training techniques and the lowering of some standards, the pass rate increased to a more acceptable 70% to 80%. Source

For the bulk of his army life, Croukamp was part of the Selous Scouts, the top-secret, much-feared masters of pseudo-operations: the darkest of the military arts. Formed by an iconoclastic colonel called Ron Reid-Daly, it was their job to work not behind, but actually inside enemy lines. The screening process was legendarily tough, only 20% passed a physical exam that ended in a 100km endurance march while carrying 30kg of rocks. Those who made it through would be taught bush survival and how to pass themselves off as nationalist guerrillas.

The likes of him, white youths in floppy hats, blacked-up in combat greasepaint became experts at acquiring what they called tamed ex-guerrillas who they had persuaded to switch sides.

Rhodesia air drop

By 1976, there were 1,000 former terrorists working for the Selous Scouts. At their height, they made up 80% of the unit’s total ranks. Once you had your tame-terrorists, the drill was simple enough, use fake letters to arrange meetings between different terrorist factions, and then, once you’d pinned your enemy to a particular place and time, stand back and order in airstrikes and infantry to obliterate them.

‘Obliterate’ was definitely the word: of all the terrorists killed during the Bush War, some 60% were killed by the Selous and only 40% by conventional warfare. The tail was now wagging the dog. By 1976, the basic logic of warfare had been turned on its head.

Well-trained fighters

Sometimes, it seemed like a sheer unquenchable thirst for risk was what drove the Scouts. Often, it was a factor in their greatest victories.

In August 1976, thirty heavily-armed Scouts drove up to the Nyadzonya camp’s gates in a handful of trucks painted to look like those of the ZANLA-allied Frelimo guerrillas. Five-thousand terrorists were in the middle of a parade day. Except for a few sentries, the entire camp had laid down their guns.

What followed was, by any standards, a massacre, nauseating in its effectiveness. ‘My friend Peter MacNealy was involved in that operation. I spoke to him shortly afterwards, and he said: ‘Dennis, it was so easy to kill people that after a while I stopped firing, just sat down and watched.’ He just got sick of it.’

‘It was like a scythe going through a cornfield,’ Reid-Daly would later recall.

Official death-toll: ZANLA 1,026. Scouts: 0. Double that number was wounded, and it is estimated another 1,000 drowned trying to swim to safety across the Pungwe River.

‘The irony is that one of the terrorists had recognised a white guy inside one of our trucks. He saw the eyes, and he started screaming warnings to his comrades. But they were already happily mobbing the truck, singing freedom songs: the shouting of joy was so overwhelming that he never got anywhere. Little wonder that the Scouts ultimately ended up killing more enemies in that single year than the rest of the Rhodesian Army did in the whole war.

Dennis Croukamp has self-published a memoir about his time in the Scouts: Only My Friends Call Me Crouks. He says he has a stack of emails ‘that thick’ from serving British and American military personnel, many in Afghanistan, who seems to be turning his book into something of a set-text for similar deep-penetration work.

Outnumbered and defiant

Croukamp says, ‘My wife was also in uniform. She was a radio operator in the Scouts. She used to go into town with a 9mm in a holster and an Uzi in her lap to do the shopping.’

A question asked of me by an American commander was, ‘What were your rules of engagement?’ I told him I’d never heard of that term in my life until I saw the film of the same name. We only had one rule. Kill The Enemy.’  CREDIT GAVIN HAYNES

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  1. Let us not forget that these terrorists were fully trained, armed and led (from behind) by the Soviets, Communist East Germans and Communist China. Many were sent to those countries for expert training. They were funded by the World Council of Churches and western nations (now the bankers behind the take down of Rhodesia and South Africa are coming for YOU!).

    Let us also not forget that these terrorists’ primary targets were CIVILIAN families, rather than the Rhodesian military, on very isolated farms and dirt roads. This included women and children, even babies. They especially targeted unarmed black villagers using the cruelest unmentionable methods. This included women, children and babies. One farmer on defensive territorial duty in the region, received the news that both his father and pregnant young wife returning home had been blown up by a landmine on a farm road nearby and killed.

    One farmer got out his car to move a tree trunk blocking the road and was stabbed multiple times in the back and all over by a gang of terrorists. His wife and little daughter were in the car and big rocks were thrown at the windscreen to get at them and tried to set the car on fire with them inside. This incredible farmer managed to drag himself into the car where he died, when the sight of a car coming in the distance scattered the gang who fled (cowards). The wife and child fled in the car that arrived. The gang returned a bit later and attacked the dead farmer’s body.

    This was one of the early terrorist attacks and done by the ‘Crocodile Gang’. Today’s President of Zimbabwe was a member of that gang although he was delayed so was absent that day.

    Denis Croukamp’s book was an amazing read. His book was out of print. Until I read his book decades after the Rhodesian bush war when long settled in Australia, I had had no idea of the daring situations the Selous Scouts experienced. That raid in Mike’s article was done by part time Selous Scouts who kept their normal jobs. My uncle was one of them. Denis died in South Africa I think about a year ago. RIP Denis.

    There is a story about Denis’ exploits plus two photos if you scroll down to the lower part of this article:

    You will immediately see the don’t mess with me eyes!

    My only other little comment, Mike, is that your photos of plain khaki uniformed soldiers are South African soldiers. Rhodesian soldiers only wore camouflage uniforms and had very little time for marching drills!

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    • Great points… I wish more would-be citizen journalists with such helpful comments and input. I often use images of South African troops. As I understand it, for a period the South African armed forces assisted the Rhodesians with boots on the ground. In Namibia too?


      • True, Mike. Rhodesia got some assistance, especially Allouette helicopters and their pilots. The South Africans gained valuable training the hard way! Then they were rotated out and newbies came in. However, their presence was not ‘politically correct’ for South Africa so they wore Rhodesian military uniforms. Unfortunately, to pressure Rhodesian PM Ian Smith and his cabinet to release the terrorist leaders – Robert Mugabe and Nkomo – they were suddenly, in 1 day, all pulled OUT of Rhodesia.

        South African’s Vorster was an agent of the Wall Street/City of London’s criminal conspiracy, which is now playing throughout the western world today towards ITS destruction. First they came for the Germans (WWI, WWII), then Rhodesia, then South Africa, and now they have come for the rest of the (White) west, using the false pretense of a ‘pandemic’ to destroy democracy and freedoms and then to end all national sovereignty.

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      • You are right…. depressingly so; we really do need a strong and independent leader. The West is leaderless…. alas


  2. Mike Walsh’s free download “Rhodesia’s Death: Europe’s Funeral”, I have this little book as I own most of Mike’s books which I collected. Its an easy and excellent read! The West was forewarned! Now, sadly, the West is being terrorised by bioweapons and an ‘army’ of enforcers.

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