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Crazy and Angry Vaccinated Driver in Canberra Endangers Lives

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Does vaxxed make you criminally vexed? As evidence emerges of intolerance and spontaneous rage showed towards others, especially those who refuse the test-jab being displayed by victims of the Covid-19 test vaccines questions are being asked:

Should the vaccinated be allowed to drive let alone drive trucks carrying lethal loads and even worse, passenger aeroplanes? There are numerous cases of those suffering the side effects of their vaccines makes them angry and intolerant of the unvaccinated. Are those vaccinated a liability that could and will have serious negative effects on society? 


Below is footage from Canberra of an angry and crazy vaccinated driver, endangering lives to vent at unvaccinated. Such irrational behaviour is becoming common and often but not always directed at the unvaccinated, as their anger levels often  seem to increase after the jabs

See the crazy footage below: Source

Another Canberra Ken gets a bit excited on his way to his fourth jab
Can’t be late now…
the next vawiant might attack him at any moment!!!!!
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