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Russia’s non-invasion was the latest CIA blunder – Czech president

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BREAKING NEWS 20.41 February 18: furious at Russia refusing to take the invasion bait, NATO attempts to draw the bear into a conflict in (Donbas) Ukraine. This could escalate and engulf Europe and the Middle East in a conflagration it can never recover from.

It was the third NATO cock-up after Saddam’s WMDs and Taliban takeover of Kabul, he said. Czech President Milos Zeman lashed out at the US intelligence community for their ludicrous claim that Russia would invade Ukraine, which so far has failed to materialize. It adds to their track record of making wrong predictions about crucial events, he argued in an interview published by the newspaper MF DNES on Thursday.

‘The first was in Iraq, where no weapons of mass destruction were found. The second was in Afghanistan when they claimed that the Taliban would never conquer Kabul. And the third is now,’ the president explained.

The politician was referring to the US justification for the 2003 invasion of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and the assessment that the American-backed national government of Afghanistan would be able to defend against the militant Taliban movement after a scheduled withdrawal of foreign troops. On both counts, American intelligence was seriously mistaken.

Washington has been warning for months that Russia was preparing a military invasion of Ukraine, and for weeks has been claiming that the attack was imminent. Some Western media went further and named Tuesday or Wednesday this week as the days Russia could have attacked Ukraine.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, who otherwise voiced disbelief about the purported Russian threat, made Wednesday a holiday celebrating Ukrainian national unity. Russia dismissed Western propaganda as ‘fantasy’ since the claims were first made public in November 2021.

In fact, Paul Craig Roberts, one of the foremost and most experienced commentators reveals that Washington DC – NATO have been crying wolf over a Russian invasion for eight years.

The Czech president said he was informed about a pending Russian attack against Ukraine based on intelligence from the US, and that the tip proved to be wrong. ‘I am not asking the CIA what sources of information it had. But based on the three cases I mentioned, I doubt the quality of these sources,’ he said.

He predicted that there would be no Russian-Ukrainian war, arguing that Moscow didn’t have much to win and had a lot to lose if one were to happen. Some sort of border conflict involving Ukraine’s breakaway region of Donbas may happen, but not a full-scale war, he believes.

He rejected the idea that Russia cancelled its aggression due to deterrence mounted by the US and its allies, saying he saw such reasoning as a US attempt to cover up the embarrassment of being proven wrong again.


Zeman questioned claims made about Moscow’s alleged aggressive intentions and malign activities on many occasions. Most notably, he publicly doubted his own country’s intelligence services, when they accused Russia of blowing up Czech ammunition depots in 2014, allegedly to cut clandestine supplies of weapons to Ukraine. Zeman said he was not shown any convincing evidence proving the claim. You can share this story on social media.

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