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Robbing the Poor to Pay the Rich

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MARCH 2020, professor Stefano Montanari one of Italy’s most experienced medical experts opined: ‘The corona vaccine is a scam. When this absurdity ends millionaires will be billionaires.’

A UK couple paid £1.85 billion by the National Health Service (NHS) for PPE have splashed out £30m for paradise villa in the Caribbean, plus an equestrian centre, £6m mansion and yacht, even though the tiny firm made less than £1m profit a year before Covid. An earlier purchase Sarah and Richard Stoute was a country mansion in the south of England for over £6million.

Richard Stoute

The couple insists they are not Covid profiteers. They say they simply run a well-placed business and used their know-how to secure giant orders for masks, gloves and other medical-grade protection equipment before coronavirus hit the UK.

Sarah Stoute

In the year before the pandemic, Stoute, 51, and his 48-year-old wife jointly took £300,000 in dividends out of their 20-year-old company, Full Support Healthcare. Now they are by far the biggest beneficiaries of the NHS’s expenditure on personal protective equipment. In 2020 alone, the firm, which lists just 26 employees in its latest accounts, took more than one-tenth of the NHS’s total £15 billion PPE spend, twice as much as the next nearest beneficiary, which is a much larger company.

The couple have bought themselves a fabulous Caribbean villa for £30million

While there is no suggestion of any wrongdoing or question mark over the quality of Full Support Healthcare’s supplies, they are likely to have made tens of millions in profit from taxpayers’ money.

An associate told the Press, ‘When they’re in the Caribbean, they love showing off the £1million-plus yacht they got thrown in with the villa, taking guests out for trips. We knew they’d made a lot of money, but now they’re spending it like EuroMillions jackpot winners.

The couple, horseriding enthusiasts, have also bought the College Equestrian Centre in Keysoe, Bedfordshire, and plan to use it to help train future stars to compete in the Olympics

Despite enjoying their massive windfall, and having previously bought a luxury car complete with personalised number plates displaying their name, the Stoutes are desperate to stop the public who funded their wealth from knowing about their staggering property empire. After investigators approached the couple, they hired heavy-hitting lawyers including a QC to threaten an injunction to stop details about the sprawling houses being revealed, on the grounds of ‘security’.

Another source said: ‘They’re saying now they don’t want anyone to know about their place in the Caribbean, and didn’t even want people to know which island it is when one of the first things they bought was a Bentley with personalised plates saying ‘Stoute’.

The Stoutes’ first major purchase, in the south of England, was a newly built country mansion surrounded by sprawling acres. It was previously advertised at about half the £6million-plus the couple paid for it within just a few months of the pandemic starting. Then late last year, the couple bought their huge villa on the coast of the paradise island.

The couple, horse-riding enthusiasts, have also bought the College Equestrian Centre in Keysoe, Bedfordshire, and plan to use it to help train future stars to compete in the Olympics. At the last count, they owned seven horses.

After working as a nurse, she moved to medical and cleaning supplies firm Kimberley Clarke, then set up her own firm, Full Support Healthcare, in 2002 in Northamptonshire. Mrs Stoute, the chief executive, is the driving force behind the company, which she jointly owns with her husband.


Despite having only limited access to funds, she put in huge advance orders for PPE to Chinese suppliers, certain that the British Government would soon need previously unheard-of quantities of masks, gloves and overalls. They made their move before prices rose.

Mrs Stoute said of her firm’s huge success in the pandemic: ‘We knew the items that would be required and commissioned them for immediate production, ensuring we were first in line for delivery.

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