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The World Celebrates the humiliation of Washington and its NATO heavies.

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MICHAEL WALSH EDITORIAL 22.00 21 February 2022: Throughout the newly independent republics Lugansk and Donbass, like Crimea formerly part of Ukraine, there is wild rejoicing as Putin’s Russia declares both regions independent republics. It is fair to assume that the world at large is jubilant as Moscow cries ‘checkmate’.

Like the German Ruhr England’s ‘Black Country’, Eastern Ukraine was the economic powerhouse in a largely agricultural nation. The economy of the two new republics was engineering and coal mining based. The loss of such territory is a savage loss not only to Ukraine but to the credibility of the Washington-NATO alliance.

In effect, Putin and his Security Council called Washington’s bluff. Having miscalculated Russian resolve to stick to the red line or be intimidated by the threat of sanctions the hubris of the NATO Alliance has painted itself into a corner. They held the paintbrush but what now they ask themselves.

The ‘War at any Price’ press is impotent. The Press Barons cannot put their ‘soldiers of misinformation’ into uniforms and provide them with weapons other than their poison-tipped pens.

Washington DC and its European poodles have a stark choice. Turn Ukraine into a battlefield as originally intended or capitulate to the game over. They know that a conflict, even in the unlikely event of being confined to Ukraine, would mean self-strangulation by imposing sanctions. Or, suicide by engaging Russia’s armed forces in a toe-to-toe war.

Either way, the NATO West cannot win, which is not to say that these options are off the table. However, no head of state can make a declaration of war easily.

Let’s first take the European Union. Bankrupt with its defence, its economy, its foreign policy and media American-controlled, neither Brussels nor Westminster can unilaterally or multilaterally take such an initiative without the nod from Washington.

The driver on the NATO personnel carrier suffers from senile dementia and in truth so is his entire administration. Like their European brothers and sisters, the average American has had enough of Washington’s wars. The United States has not won a single war since 1945. Before that, there was World War II but only military won with the alliance of the British and Soviet Empires. The former has evaporated and the latter is now a powerful adversary.

Such will be at the forefront of thinking in the political and military think tanks ~ if they are capable of thinking.


Before any head of state, in this instance, Biden or Congress can make such a decision only after consultations with those who are responsible for those who actually do the fighting.

No decision to go to war can be taken without solid assurance that such a conflict has a good chance of victory. It cannot of course. So, Washington and Westminster and their Press can rant all they like. This will amuse not only the Russians but a world that is by now fed up to the back teeth with Washington-NATO aggression and a Press that follows the mantra, ‘if it bleeds it leads.’

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  1. Every time the U.S. and its NATO sycophants interfere in Ukraine, Ukraine loses territory. If the CIA knew the history of the region, they wouldn’t get involved. One needs to ask the question, ‘who are these imbeciles making these ridiculous decisions? The CIA engineered a coup in 2014 that ended with Crimea leaving the economic basket-case known as Ukraine, the American puppet. The recent Washington war drums and the shenanigans from Winken, Blinken, and Nod have propelled Kyiv to terrorize its eastern Russian-speaking regions even more than it already has. Now, Ukraine is about to lose those regions and the people in the Donbas couldn’t be happier. If the West isn’t incompetent, what is it?

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