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MICHAEL WALSH EDITORIAL: Free speech has never been free. There is a constant struggle for control of information. Throughout history, men and women struggled for free speech whilst tyrants focused on denial of freedom of expression.

We are near the end of the current epoch and we are losing the struggle for freedom of expression. It is worth remembering that freedom in all its forms is easier to keep than to regain once it has been lost, perhaps forever.

Denial of free expression is increasingly applied by censorious social media, the Press, government, YouTube, movie makers. It is insidious and sinister. As Edmund Burke explains, ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is those good men do nothing.’

I look through the voluminous bibliography of WITNESS TO HISTORY (Michael Walsh). Virtually every book, pamphlet and essay used to compile this game-changer book has been ‘suicided’ by the insidious trend to cancel culture. Despite the ease and accessibility of both conventional and self-publishing no publisher would dare to republish these once-popular and indeed once commonplace book titles.

AMAZON-KINDLE eBooks summarily de-platforms all books and publishers of books that they deem politically nonconformist. Is there a solution?

Yes, it is for freedom-loving people to wake up to reality. To support a dissident researcher-author is not an act of charity. To pay by easy bank-to-bank transfer is an act of sponsorship – it is not charity. If you are serious about supporting the concept of Freedom of Expression then sponsor a dissident writer.  

FACT: On average a book of any kind is the result of at least one year’s hard unpaid work on the part of the researcher-writer; many books take longer. Do you then want to read such a book for free? Can you be serious? Or maybe slave-ownership isn’t such a bad idea after all?

To sponsor Free Speech and Freedom of Expression it is not necessary to do as earlier generations did by spilling your blood all over a foreign battlefield.

All you need do is go to your laptop or Smartphone, access your bank account and transfer a modest financial tribute to the author. Otherwise, your bank’s clerk can do it for you in a few moments.

Be reasonable: This is not an act of charity. It is sponsorship of your freedom and your children’s freedom. If you can recognise the contribution dissident writers make to keep our freedoms sacrosanct contact Michael Walsh, dissident author at for his bank details.

Mike Walsh, author of Witness of History, All Lies Invasion I (Paperback / Ebook), All Lies Invasion II (Paperback / Ebook), Reich and Wrong, Heroes Hang When Traitors Triumph, Heroes of the Reich, Megacaust, Odyssey Adolf Hitler, Trotsky’s White Negroes, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Arno Breker and Reich Sculptors Volume I, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Josef Thorak and Reich Sculptors Volume II, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Porcelain and Reich Sculptors Volume III, Art of Adolf Hitler, The Red Brigands, Ransacking the Reich, The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler, RISE OF THE SUN WHEEL (Paperback / Ebook), Death of a City, and many other books. CLICK the book titles that interest you to gain access.


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