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Learning from History but Idiots never do

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MICHAEL WALSH EDITORIAL: How true the advice of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821): ‘He who hits first hits twice.’ Now the sweet irony: Russia has done what Germany did in June 1941. Back then, to frustrate a Soviet attack on Germany and Eastern Europe, Germany pre-emptively struck the American-sponsored Soviet Union. The USSR had been given the nod to overwhelm Europe by Roosevelt’s blank cheque (Lend-Lease Plan). With a 4.6 million strong Red Army poised to invade Europe’s borders they had the means to do it.

The rest is history. History would have been kinder if half-American Churchill had not left Britain’s Far East colonies undefended to join with US President Roosevelt to rescue Private Stalin and the USSR which by winter of 1941 was on the ropes.

Fast forward to 2022: Egged on by Washington and Westminster making promises to Ukraine they haven’t the capability of honouring the uppity Kyiv junta repeat Poland’s mistake in provoking their neighbour.

Fail: regardless of nationality or political stance, your average man could deduct that there is no way bankrupt Ukraine can goad and engage with Russia and hope for anything other than humiliation.

The humiliation was predictable and a game-changer: Russia’s armed forces surgically removed Ukraine’s air defences while the Ukrainian service personnel were rubbing the sleep from their eyes. At least one Ukrainian fighter pilot took his aircraft and fled to neighbouring Romania. Sensible Ukrainian troops are fleeing the border areas. Respect, at least these soldiers do have a brain cell.

Lesson learnt but will the equally stupid heads of NATO take the hint. Are they really dumb enough to think that they can succeed where many invaders of Russia failed? On past performance yes, they are that dumb.

Is there any reason to discuss such matters with Brussels and the EU cohorts of the deeply unpopular (and bankrupt) United States? No, not really for as Putin surmised there is no point.

Britain today is in the grip of yet another dual passport half-American premier. Germany’s chancellor Olaf Scholz ruins (I nearly wrote ‘rules’) a colony as much in subservience to Washington as was East Germany to Moscow during the Soviet Occupation. France will do whatever it is instructed to do by Washington.

This is where it gets interesting. In 1939, the United States regime ‘pressed a hot iron to the backside of British Premier Neville Chamberlain’ (their words not mine), to declare war on Germany. Today, Washington DC presses a hot iron to the backside of President Zelensky of Ukraine.

‘Go get him, boy,’ Washington urges. ‘We will fight the Russians to the last Ukrainian grunt.’

This is where it gets interesting. During the 246 years of US ‘independence’ not a single American inspired conflict threatened US territory. Its allies’ territories certainly but they don’t matter. Not a square inch of the United States itself was ever fearful of retaliation. Not a single American ever died on American soil as a consequence of enemy action. That is about to change.


For the first time in American history, America’s adversaries, primarily the Russian Federation, the Peoples Republic of China and North Korea have the firepower and the reach to do to American cities what the USAAF and RAF did to European towns and cities – and their civilian victims – during World War II: incinerate and gas them.

As I write, Russia’s Borei-class nuclear powered ballistic missile-armed submarines are active and strategically poised to go on the defensive. Remember Napoleon’s adage: ‘He who strikes first strikes twice.’

Each of these formidable submarines, the size and length of a cruise liner, carries 16 (some 20) warheads each of which that during their unstoppable flight can spray six (some say 20) nuclear warheads. Each missile can turn a major US (or European city, including London) into a glass-strewn car park.

FOOTNOTE OF HISTORICAL FACT: Ukraine’s nationalist zealots (xenophobes) are by no stretch of the imagination ‘Nazis’. The Banderas slaughtered all non-Ukrainians. These included Jews, Russians and ethnic Germans.

Stepan Bandera was almost certainly a double agent. A useful tool, Bandera was released from German captivity by Stalin in September 1939. Was he betraying his comrades to the Soviet NKVD? Bandera was again released by Josef Stalin when the Red Army overran the concentration camp in which he was held in September 1944.

Stepan Bandera lived in post-war Munich. But having served his purpose he was assassinated by the KGB. His gravestone was smashed by Germans who despised Bandera. Stepan Bandera and his brother were arrested by Reich police on June 30, 1941. Both were placed in German concentration camps, Stepan’s brother died of typhus whilst in captivity.  Members of the Banderas were hunted down, killed and captured by the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS.

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