Month: February 2022

Kennedy was assassinated but not by Harvey Oswald

I REST MY CASE is the appropriate term: The 1963 killing of the iconic US president has pored over many times. But one man thinks the truth is in plain sight and irrefutable. Dr Cyril Wecht is no-nonsense, blunt and he never shirks voicing an opinion. When I spoke to him about his new book, ‘The JFK Assassination Dissected,’ I was forewarned that, despite being a nonagenarian, he’s still a formidable presence.

My Four Green Fields

Four Green Fields is a 1967 folk poem and song by Irish musician Tommy Makem, described as a hallowed Irish leave-us-alone-with-our-beauty ballad. Of Makem’s many compositions, it has become the most familiar and is part of the common repertoire of Irish folk musicians.

NATO West Press Barons direct war operations in Ukraine

When the panic phase is over, there should be a retrospective analysis of why large, very well-known foreign media outlets spread fake news, says David Arakhamia. The chairman of Ukraine’s Servant of the People party, David Arakhamia, has accused some U.S. media outlets of spreading ‘blatant fake news’ about the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Tit-for-Tat is a game that two can play

A senior Russian lawmaker has revived discussion about how Russia could level the playing field by basing Russian military equipment close to the United States to balance out NATO forces positioned near Russia’s borders despite promises made on March 6, 1991according to documents published in Der Spiegel (The Mirror) today.