Month: February 2022

Mike Walsh Broadcasting Hits International Air Waves

BREAKING: Michael Walsh, veteran White-Rights Activists as a rebel-writer and censored author finds less time to broadcast during each frenetic day’s activism. However, he never misses an opportunity to bring his international supporter base up to the minute with his news and views ~ and importantly his predictions for the emerging year. If you prefer being clued up to screwed up then listen up to the Michael Walsh Broadcasting Network at work rest or play. 

Russia mocks Western media over Massive Propaganda Flops

Numerous outlets had suggested that Moscow would invade Ukraine on Wednesday morning. The spokesperson for Russia’s foreign ministry has humorously poured scorn at the propaganda and asked Western disinformation media outlets to publish the future schedule of Moscow’s invasions, after the previous prediction of a military incursion into Ukraine passed without incident.

Trudeau’s Favourite Bank braces for Karma

Lawyer Keith Wilson, who is the lead attorney for the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy, confirms that he is taking action against TD Bank. An alarming report shows the Toronto-Dominion Bank seemingly caved to left-wing political pressure by allegedly freezing two personal bank accounts that support the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy.