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Thwarted Washington DC coup in Kazakhstan and Ukraine Washington-EU Cult turn their attention to Georgia

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Irakly Bochorishvili, Chairman of the European Integration Committee of the Georgian Parliament, has presented a draft resolution on the country’s accession to the European Union, Novosti-Georgia agency writes.

George is a distinctly ASIAN country situated on the eastern seaboard of the Black Sea north of Turkey. Located 4,000 km from Brussels the Capital of Tbilisi is distinctly Asian and Muslim and borders also the Caspian Sea.

The document consists of 13 paragraphs. It calls on EU member states and institutions to take all necessary steps to accelerate Georgia’s accession to the union in accordance with Article 49 of the Treaty on European Union. At the same time, the authors of the resolution calling on the executive power of Georgia to intensify efforts, including for the implementation of the Association Agreement, in order to properly prepare the country for EU membership.

Opinions were voiced in the West that Ukraine should be admitted to the EU together with Georgia as soon as possible. This position, in particular, was voiced by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova are striving to become full members of the European Union. Three post-Soviet countries have signed association agreements with the EU, enjoy free trade zones and a visa-free regime. 

In May 2021, they announced the creation of an ‘associated trio’ format, which implies closer coordination between Tbilisi, Kyiv and Chisinau, aimed at enhanced cooperation with the EU. The Georgian government has repeatedly stated that it plans to apply for full EU membership in 2024.

Yet another US-inspired colour revolution is underway to provoke Russia. Against the backdrop of large-scale hostilities in Ukraine, the Georgian opposition presented a number of political demands to the country’s authorities, the main of which is the resignation of Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili.

The conditions were announced at a protest rally in the centre of Tbilisi, which was joined by hundreds of people who consider Tbilisi’s ambivalent position on the Ukrainian crisis unacceptable, the Novosti-Georgia agency writes.

‘Firstly, Irakly Garibashvili must leave office. Secondly, we must move to concrete and effective steps to help Ukraine. Our third demand is that immediately after their departure, Georgia should apply for membership in the European Union,’ Elene Khoshtaria, leader of the Droa party, said at the rally.

She stressed that these demands were agreed upon by ‘all social groups and all parties’, and they will work together to achieve their implementation. After American sponsored Khoshtaria’s address, the rally participants began to chant ‘Go away’ to Prime Minister Garibashvili. The promotion is currently ongoing. Traffic on Rustaveli Avenue is paralyzed.



Actions in support of the Ukrainian regime have been going on in Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia since February 24, but so far, they have never been political. Today’s rally was the first-time opposition leaders took the stage.

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