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US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor Explosive Take on Ukraine Fiasco

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Vladimir Putin brings to the end what he has warned us about at least for the last 15 years: that he will not tolerate American troops and missiles at his border. And we ignored it, and he eventually began to act.

He was not going to allow Ukraine to join NATO under any circumstances. The battle in eastern Ukraine is almost over. All Ukrainian troops were mostly surrounded and cut off, the concentration in the southeast was 30-40 thousand. If they don’t surrender within the next 24 hours, I suspect the Russians will eventually destroy them.

ABOVE: Deployment and maintenance of US satellites and space stations are dependent upon delivery by Russian rocket engines. The sanction by Russian Roscosmos will undoutedly stop the US space presence in its tracks.

That is why Zelensky is now meeting with Putin’s representatives, the game is over. We told him, the president of the United States said that if he hopes for the neutral status of Ukraine, we will support him.

I think Vladimir Putin will do it for western Ukraine, it’s for the Dnieper. But behind her, in the east, where he is now, I am not sure what his plan is: to form another republic, he will return to Russia because historically it was Russian territory. But the territory of western Ukraine is not. He knows it and will arrange it like a neutral state as is Finland and Austria.

I think I have to say again: he is not interested in crossing the Dnieper and heading west towards the Polish border. He is quite ready to neutralize these territories according to the Austrian or Finnish model. He is not interested in war with us, his army is too small for that, his economy is smaller than South Korea. We’re teaching him things he doesn’t want in our usual attempt to demonize him and his country.


We need to remember that Ukraine is the fourth from the end among 158 countries in the world in terms of corruption. This is far from a free democracy, a shining example, as everyone says. Zelensky is imprisoning journalists and political oppositionists. I think we need to stay away from this, Americans think we need to keep away, Europeans think we should stay away. And we must stop the supply of weapons and urge Ukrainians to die for this hopeless endeavour.


I see absolutely no reason why we should fight Russia for what they’ve been talking about for years and we just ignored it. And what is more important: there the population is indistinguishable from their own. We are not sending our Air Force to fight, but we encourage Ukrainians to die pointlessly in a battle they can’t win. We will create a humanitarian disaster, which has never happened before if it does not stop’

BREAKING: The head of Roscosmos Rogozin said that Russia is stopping the supply of missile engines to the United States in response to sanctions. ‘Americans will now have to fly to space on their own brooms.’

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