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Russians can’t fight for laughing

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Der Spiegel March 4: hundreds of Strela missiles that Germany intends to supply to Ukraine have already failed. A significant part of the Strela missiles that the German regime intends to supply to Ukraine are no longer usable, writes Der Spiegel. 

According to the publication’s estimates, at least 700 of the 2,700 Arrows are out of order. In addition, this type of weapon is hopelessly outdated and was withdrawn from service in Germany back in 2014.

The German government should probably reconsider its decision to send 2,700 Strela missiles to Ukraine, writes Der Spiegel. According to the publication, these missiles are not only hopelessly outdated: a significant part of them are completely out of order. According to Der Spiegel, a maximum of 2,000 missiles stored in the warehouses of the Bundeswehr are still useful.

The publication recalls that the Strela missiles were decommissioned by the German army back in 2014. Der Spiegel notes that the rockets bought at great expense to European taxpayers are extremely outdated: their development was carried out back in the USSR. 

An internal note from the Bundeswehr dated November 2021 states that ‘due to the obsolescence of the drive kit, the Strela missiles are no longer safe to use and cannot fire shots.’ It is noted that even then all the Strela missiles were prescribed for disposal: it has not yet been carried out due to the slow pace.


As Der Spiegel notes, among other things, the warehouses of the Bundeswehr with the stored ‘Arrows’ were so mouldy that the military was only allowed to enter them in special protective clothing. Another problem is that the Bundeswehr has the rockets themselves, but no special handles are needed for firing. According to Der Spiegel, the press secretary of German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said that the final decision on the supply of Strela to Ukraine has not yet been made. The 500,000 strong Ukrainian Army hopes it will never be made. Source, Source 2

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  1. I think the picture of NATO troops lined up with masks on, and women being in control of Western armies says enough. If soldiers are afraid of catching covid ,they are never going to be able to shed their blood to defend Europe period.

    The problem is that the west is already finished, simply because the E.U politicians have destroyed Europe’s culture and Christian faith though mass immigration, legalized degeneracy ,and more recently the covid scam which imploded the wests economy.

    Despite this we have a situation where the United States and NATO are trying to inflame the situation in Ukraine further. Any major conflict in Europe involving Russia may lead to the use of nuclear weapons, and this time round the cities of Europe, and the United states will not be unscathed.

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