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London 20-Minutes away from nuclear obliteration

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MyLondon Reports: American PRO system is a complete zero in front of Russian missiles. Great Britain has no chance of intercepting Russian ballistic missiles. Such conclusions were presented by British professor Andrew Futter. 

In the wake of the growing tensions between Russia and Western countries, it was revealed some time ago that the Russian strategic forces were transferred to increased duty.

According to British experts, Russia is not going to use its strategic weapons, but if it has to, then there is no protection against it in the UK. This is reported by MyLondon edition. ‘PolitRussia’ presents an exclusive review of the article.

‘We have no way to intercept Russian ballistic missiles flying towards the UK. We could block bombing aviation, but most of the Russian nuclear arsenal is based on missiles,’ said a British professor, a nuclear expert Andrew Futter.

According to the British expert, the UK will have 15-20 minutes to respond in case of Russian missiles launch. Sadly, Britain in the meantime will be a corpse and unable to see whether its counterattack is successful or not.

Meanwhile, the country does not have really effective protection against such weapons. Even the US can’t brag about this. Ronald Reagan’s dream of a space missile defense system from ‘Star Wars’ never came true. American defence systems were unable to fight modern Russian missile weapons – they have zero chances of intercepting them.


‘It has almost zero possibilities against Russian missiles that can be used by countermeasures,’ the expert said.

A MyLondon spokesperson said that Russia can deploy nuclear weapons in several ways: in the air, at sea and on land. Thus, any attack can come from several places. If you launch a rocket from Kaliningrad, it will take about 20 minutes to reach London.

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