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Special Report from an American Behind the Ukrainian Lines

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Russell Bentley, a salt of the earth American born in Texas in 1960 is refreshingly candid about his experiences behind the lines in the war-torn Donbass region of US-Occupied Ukraine.

As a revisionist historian and author, I do find it ironic and remarkable that Russian President Vladimir Putin is facing the exact same circumstances as was Hitler and the Reich in 1940.

Hitler’s Germany and Putin’s Russia then and now. In the late 1930s, the Reich constantly provoked and suffered constant border clashes with the British-backed Polish armed forces finally responded by invading – only that region of Poland that presented a threat. It was clearly stated that as soon as the Polish threat was removed Germany would return to its borders. International Jewry waged a holy war on Germany from 1927. Today, the Jewish Diaspora has likewise ganged up on Russia.

February 24, Putin, constantly provoked and suffering constant border clashes with the Washington-backed Polish armed forces finally responded by invading only that region of Ukraine that presented a threat.

I could say more but I won’t commandeer this brilliant report by Russell Bentley except to point out several facts that he and many others are undoubtedly unaware of. Russell is very vocal in identifying Ukrainian xenophobes as ‘Nazis’, largely because of their tendency to provoke with raised arm salutes and displaying the Wolf’s Claw variant of the ages-old Swastika symbol.

Before Germany was overrun by the combined forces of the British, Soviet and American world empires in May 1945, the Swastika and variants of the symbol were in common use around the world. Coka-Cola and Boeing used the Swastika brand. As did many airforces including those of Finland and Latvia.

In the 1960s British skinheads who by no stretch of the imagination could identify with the National Socialists of Germany (1919-1945) flaunted the symbol and provoked with Heil Hitler salutes. The Swastika and its variants were not and never were unique to the Reich. It does not follow therefore that the use of the symbol equates with being a National Socialist.

Those described as ‘Nazi’, ‘Neo-Nazi’ and ‘Far Right’ were formed and are funded by Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky who was forced to flee Ukraine when caught up in a Jewish turf war.

Ukraine’s nationalist zealots (xenophobes) are by no stretch of the imagination ‘Nazis’. The Banderas slaughtered non-Ukrainians. These included Jews, Poles, Hungarians, Russians and ethnic Germans. Sure, some Banderas were captured or surrendered to the invading German forces in 1941.

They had a choice; fight the Bolsheviks or fight the inmates of German concentration camps. (Stepan Bandera’s brother was incarcerated in a German concentration camp where he died of Typhus. Hobson’s choice, some Banderas did fight on the German side. By the same token, those of their bandit bands captured or surrendered to the Red Army had a similar choice: Gulag or fight. Many fought in the Red Army.

Stepan Bandera was almost certainly a double agent. A useful tool, Bandera was released from German captivity by Stalin in September 1939. Was he betraying his comrades to the Soviet NKVD? Bandera was twice released by Josef Stalin when the Red Army overran the concentration camp in which he was held in September 1944.


Stepan Bandera lived in post-war Munich but having served his purpose was assassinated by the KGB. His gravestone was smashed, by Germans who despised Bandera. Stepan Bandera and his brother were arrested by Reich police on June 30, 1941. Both were placed in German concentration camps, Stepan’s brother died of typhus whilst in captivity.  The Banderas were hunted by the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS.

It is not surprising that the beleaguered Putin taunts the West with charges that they are supporting ‘Nazis’; it is, after all, a propaganda coup. But it is only half the truth which is the biggest lie of all.


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