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The Price of Backing Biden is going ballistic

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In France and throughout the European Union, consumers have begun stockpiling liquid fuels and non-perishable food as they fear that the clash between the Western powers and Russia in Ukraine will keep oil and food prices rising. Both are connected. Unexpectedly high demand this time of year has led to problems for suppliers, who may have to limit the sale of fuel.

This year, Yannick Larche is filling his liquid fuel tanks earlier than expected as he worries his bills will rise.

YANNICK LARCHE, fuel buyer: Last year I filled them out in May, but since prices are going to skyrocket, I told myself that the time has come to do it. In just two days, fuel prices jumped by 20 per cent to reach 1.5 euros per litre. It is difficult for Larche to come to terms with such a rise in price.

JOURNALIST: How much did you pay this year?

YANNICK LARCHE: 765 euros and 75 cents.

JOURNALIST: Compared to last year, what’s the difference?

YANNICK LARCHE: (Sighs) That’s almost double that.

There are many like him – those who fill the reserves in advance. This fuel supplier has twice as many orders as usual and to find a window.

URELI ARNO, managing director of Gilbard Roubinet: But the delivery won’t be until the middle or end of next week. You need to be patient.

AURELI ARNO: Last year, delivery times were 24 to 48 hours, but now it’s more like a week.

Because of the military operation in Ukraine, oil prices have become so volatile that another company cannot even predict the increase in tariffs.

JACQY DUMAS, Managing Director of ETS Dumas: We are no longer publishing prices at this time.

JOURNALIST: That is, people order without knowing how much …

JACQY DUMAS: … how much will they pay. Of course, they will find out prices later, but they can rise by 10-20 euros per cubic meter.


This out-of-control growth is further fuelled by high demand, which suppliers did not expect at this time of the year. As a result, some have run into inventory issues.

JACKY DUMAS: You see, the fuel trucks are here, and they shouldn’t be here. They are waiting. And this is actually a lost opportunity.

Many companies fear they will have to limit supplies to avoid fuel shortages. Air date March 03, 2022.  VIDEO


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