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American analyst: responsibility for the Ukrainian crisis lies with the United States.

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‘I am convinced that the United States engineered the Ukrainian crisis in order to weaken Russia, and with it, the entire gradually emerging Eurasian economic bloc of countries,’ US political analyst Bill Dores quotes PressTV. ‘The blood of Ukraine is on the hands of the United States and NATO,’ Dores said in an interview with an Iranian TV channel. 

Dores notes that American politicians have previously voted for wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and other states, which led to the death of millions of people. 


Speaking about Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen, Dores says: ‘Nearly 400,000 people have died in this US-sponsored war. Biden promised to end this war after taking the presidency, but he lied.’

According to Dores, the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine led to the fact that the shares of the military, as well as energy companies, rose in the United States. Dores also believes that due to the crisis, Europe again ‘returned under the heel of Washington,’ and Congress ‘had a reason to reject the allocation of money for the needs of the people and spend it on military needs.’

According to the analyst, American politicians do not care about the citizens of Ukraine and they only need them as ‘cannon fodder in their hybrid war against Russia, which also targets China, Bolivia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iran, Nicaragua, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe – a bloc of countries seeking economic independence from American banks and monopolies.

Dores said that last summer the US and NATO revived a plan to join Ukraine to the alliance, and on February 17, 2022, the Pentagon ordered its ‘Ukrainian mercenaries’ to launch a full-scale operation against the DNR and LNR.  ‘They knew that Russia would have to react,’ Dores said.

‘Western media hide the fact that this battle did not start last week. She raged for eight years. 14 thousand people died in the war unleashed by the Kiev regime against the predominantly Russian-speaking Donetsk and Lugansk, ‘the analyst quotes PressTV as saying. He also emphasizes that it all started in 2014, when ‘a coup organized by the US Embassy brought an ultra-right, Russophobia regime to power in Kiev.

Speaking about the course of the Russian special operation, Dores notes: ‘The Russian military operation is different from the American invasion of Iraq, supported by Joe Biden. Russia does not destroy water pumping stations, power plants, sewers, telephone lines. Contrary to the unsubstantiated Western media headlines, they are destroying military infrastructure.’


Dores concluded by calling for peace, the dissolution of NATO, and the need to let Russia, Ukraine, the DPR and LPR find their own solution at the negotiating table. ’ Russia is not our enemy. The people in the US need to get the Pentagon war machine off their backs,’ Dores said. Source

Trump Tells Whole World The Truth About Ukraine In Front Of President Zelensky!!! VIDEO

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  1. . . . the world upside down? Responsibility for the Ukrainian crisis lies with the United States? Russia prosecuting Americans and Europeans for spreading fake news?

    Are you kidding me? No, I know you are not. Russia is the same country that constantly lied about every matter concerning government, politics, history and everything else for more then seventy years. This was the country that totally erased people and events deemed politically incorrect. This is the country after which George Orwell patterned his 1984 totalitarian government with its memory hole, newspeak and inverted ministry names – but now we are to believe they are the good guys who stand for truth, justice and the Russian way? Are you kidding me? No, I know you are not. This was the country where the world’s greatest tyrants and despots in history simply turned out the lights and walked away without looking back and now those same tyrants and despots are asking America and Europe to help get it back? Are you kidding me? No, I know you are not.

    Wake up! Jews are playing us for fools! Now listen up and listen good, I thought you understood, it’s bizness that’s all it is. Ya’ still don’t get it do ya’? There ain’t no countries anymore, no more good guys. (((They’re))) running the whole show, (((they))) own everything, the whole goddamned planet, (((they))) can do whatever they want! Now (((they’re))) gonna’ let us have it good if we just get vaccinated and go to war so they can take back the Russia they gave up thirty years ago. What’s wrong with having it good for a change? If we just do as we’re told, they’ll leave us alone, everything will go back to normal. Then we can make some money. We can all have a little taste of that former life too; now I know you want it, hell everybody does.

    See if you can connect the dots in these photos, I know you can.

    Haaaaaalp! Won’t somebody please help me? For god’s sake, wake me up! This is the worst nightmare I have ever had.


    – Arch

    This is war! The white race is under all-out attack on all fronts

    Mike posted: ” CNN notorious throughout the Western world for brazenly broadcasting fake news and comment announced they will immediately discontinue operation in Russia after President Putin introduced jail time for Fake News on the Russian army. Breaking news at”


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