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Ukrainian crisis could have been avoided if another government was in the US

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The US could have avoided the spike in food and gasoline prices, high inflation, the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine and the collapse of markets if they were controlled by another government, reports Fox News. As the channel notes, under Donald Trump, America was much stronger and pursued a much more independent and practical policy, and in such conditions, Vladimir Putin would never have decided to send troops to Ukraine.

You may not have noticed, but the Dow Jones fell over 797 points today.

HOST… and the trend has spread to all world markets. All world indices fell today.

Food prices have skyrocketed and gasoline prices have peaked since 2008.

MSNBC REPORT EXTRACTGasoline prices have skyrocketed to their highest level since 2008.

HOSTHow much did the fuel cost at the weekend? Over $7 a gallon?

REPORTERYes, look at that, 6.99!


Inflation is at record levels since the 1970s. All this led, as even The Washington Post admitted, to extremely pessimistic moods among Americans. However, instead of facing the decline of the United States under Biden and then trying to fix the situation, the media and even some Republicans are desperately trying to rub in a very different conflict.

EXTRACT FROM ABC NEWSAs for the no-fly zone, we introduced it before: in Iraq, in Bosnia, in Libya.

GARRY KASPAROV, chairman of the Human Rights FoundationIf they are not ready to confront Russia in the sky by military means, how is NATO going to cover its eastern flank?

ADAM KINZINGER, Republican CongressmanBy rearming and supporting the Ukrainian Air Force, they can continue to defend their own skies.

All these problems could have been avoided if we had been run by a competent government. But we don’t have it. Biden should have insisted that the situation in Ukraine be assessed in a realistic way. But instead, his team was unwilling to give up the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO, something Putin says he will never tolerate. In retrospect, this is a huge, huge mistake.

From the very beginning, the White House, Pelosi, Schumer have all worked tirelessly to reverse all the decisions of Biden’s predecessor Trump that made America stronger and more powerful both domestically and in Europe.

Now the Americans are paying for Biden’s insanity. Could anyone have guessed a year ago that gasoline would cost $7 each? Even I didn’t expect that. As for the media, they seem relieved to seize the opportunity to change the subject: they, of course, do not like the devastation in Ukraine. However, they do not seem to be concerned at all that the Americans are also seriously affected by the current situation.


Just think how pathetic the White House press pool was in the area around the end of 2019. What happened then: then we had energy independence, low inflation, wage growth, and even among blue-collar workers. Unemployment is at an all-time low. We had good trade deals. But there were no new conflicts. Source

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  1. As an American, I’m far more worried about our government than I am Putin or Russians. Putin didn’t open my borders to nonwhites. Putin isn’t calling me scum for being a white male. Putin isn’t encouraging our kids to get their genitals removed. Putin isn’t encouraging young people to be homos or forcing any other degeneracy onto them via the media.

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